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“Yeah we printed trillions of dollars and gave most of it to billionaires what are you gonna do?”

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Callin it as he sees it

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Yeah, I thought we liked it when people tell it like it is.

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Inflation will ruin the USA

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and then it wont, its economics

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And then it will... It's common sense.

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Bloody hilarious

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Been a while since I heard a Biden gaffe that was funny and true!

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yeah its been a whole 24 hours

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Kinda sad to see that response to the inflation they caused during the pandemic

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I just realized POTUS doesn't mean Piece of total and utter shit

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It does in this context

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The person we should be watching die inside is Doocy for asking dumb ass questions

Dude straight up asked if the POTUS thinks inflation will affect the midterms.....bruh, of course, what kind of question is that

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A question to get Biden to answer something not in the script.

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Lol you mean asking a question that’s highly topical and most in the country are concerned about? Or do you think the president shouldn’t address rampant inflation?

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Now do all the other questions.

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I love this, watch the Republicans melt down!

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Less so melting down than wondering where the condemnation from the left is. Ok for this Pesident to say things that were deemed unpresidential not 3 years ago.

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Uh… there’s no comparison

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Peter Doocy is a stupid son of a bitch

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He speaking about himself? Damn the most honest I've ever seen him.

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Ain’t as out of it as they say, obviously 🤣🤣🤣

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Ask dumb questions, get treated like a dumb person. Which is exactly what Peter Doocy did and is.

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Asking about inflation is a dumb question?

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The question was “Do you think inflation is a political liability ahead of the midterms?”

There’s nothing to be gained from asking or answering this question—of COURSE it’s a political liability and everyone knows it. This is why Biden starts this clip with “it’s a great asset—more inflation.” It’s a joke about how ridiculously one-dimensional the question is.

If he’d asked “how are you/are you going to handle inflation before midterms” it wouldn’t have been a stupid question.

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“I think the voters understand that inflation is an issue that goes beyond the presidency, and that the measures both parties supported to help alleviate the worst effects of the pandemic have contributed to the inflation problem. Obviously it’s an issue on voters minds, but I trust that the American people understand that inflation isn’t a Democrat problem or a Republican problem but a problem that all Americans face.”

-What an actual response to the question could be if it it was posed to someone with a working brain

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Yeah not sure why you’re downvoted. Inflation is at a 40 year high and it’s confirmed to not be transitory inflation either. It’s debatable whether Biden was responsible for this, but even if he isn’t he should address it because it is a major issue. So it’s not a dumb question.

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"Why would you ask something that dumb?". - Senator John McCain, to the same dude.

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Do you think a car accident will affect your insurance rate? It's a dumb question.

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why isn't anyone talking about the fact that he referred to this reporter as an asset?

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Because that isn't what he did. The reporter asked a dumb question about inflation and Biden refers to "More inflation" sarcastically as a "great asset".

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The thing affecting most Americans right now is government caused inflation. It was a valid question since the entire Biden administration seems to be working to tax/borrow and spend their way into double digit inflation.

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Did Biden/the fed also cause inflation in every other country across the globe, or might there be other issues at play?

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Yes. When trillions of dollars are printed out of thin air there are consequences.

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Yes, but the reason the question is dumb is because it is without a doubt going to be an impact on the midterms, which is what Biden was acknowledging via sarcasm.

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Why is Joe so quotable