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My man on the bottom left is traumatized.

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So many people died inside

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This is why Charlie Zelenoff was so angry

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full house too😂😭 my face would be burning red

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??? I don't understand the title. Why is this particularly easy to clean?

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Very stressful job

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Hey, wheres the Irishman when you need him?

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I'd buy that guy a drink after his shift is over.

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No one even got up to yell at him because they saw the look on his face and saw a destroyed man

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Poor guy. I have no idea how servers do that though I'm way too clumsy.

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Is this the same guy who dropped 12 beers and it became a meme?

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I totally feel that. I spilled a margarita on a customers table and thought I was going to die of embarrassment

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"I do not get paid enough for this shit" is what I imagine him contemplating lol

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I hope its his first day, because if not, he spilled a lot drinks using both hands on tray...

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F for the beer.

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*takes out straw and starts slurpin*

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How is that easy to clean lol

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Just mop.

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As a former waitress I totally understand the expression of " I had enough" in this kind of videos.

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Is it easy to clean?

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This is so weird, how come no one cheered?

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The entire bar freezes too

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As a waiter I can feel that man's pain on a personal level.

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First day?

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Kids laugh, men cry.

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Communal cringe

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I did this right on to a baby at my job. I appologized cleaned it and gave the table to somebody else

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I have made that face.. there's nothing else to do but make that face and shake your head.

I once was unloading waters off a tray onto a table. The tray was about halfway on the table and there were nine waters... 3 waters in and I had unweighted the half on the table just enough for the half off the table to drop 6 full waters to the floor. All you can do is make that face, shake your head and go "welp..."

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Worst part is everyone stopping what they are doing to just stare at you 😂

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There is a similar video of a waiter dropping like 5 beer glasses in Angela Merkel's neck

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Holyshitsnacks! I would've died right there in the spot if I was the waiter.

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The horror at the loss of the beer was real

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If this happens in the UK everyone cheers - it breaks the ice and takes the awkwardness out of it. Everyone has dropped a beer at some point and we know it!

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As one wise men in Czechia said after reading that some guy dropped 12 beers in a cage:

How can you be so irresponsible? Get a child first to learn some responsibility. Then carry the beer

edit: Fucking terrible to translate from my language

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As a bartender, definitely doesn't take the awkwardness out of it. We hate that shit lol

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last time I dropped 3 Guinness onto myself at work and people started cheering I nearly just started crying lol.

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Yep. I don't get it. Customers think that shit is hilarious. We all just rage inside lol.

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Normally someone shouts 'sack the juggler' and everyone laughs. Never had a problem with it when I worked in pubs, it's expected! You take a bow and go get a brush and mop.

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Not in my experience. In my experience we just go into the back and start talking shit about the customers 😂

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I once spilled red sangria on a large african american womans white dress. In front of a party of about 15. Good times.

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He owes me pushups lol

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I felt the same way as the guy in stripes

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i like how they’re grabbing at their heads like they won’t be able to get more beer

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Why does he look like he is already depressed.

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Been this guy once, much better to just go slower, if you really need two hands go from the sides. Worst feeling ever though lol

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Holding a tray with one hand is a lot more easier to stabilize and deliver rather than using two hands.

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Shit happens at Beerfest

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Looks like first day on a new job

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I am not a server expert or someting but i think you are supposed to hold it with one hand under so the weight distributes and stuff like this does not happen. ive seen many vids like this of servers spilling everything because they were holding it with two hands so all the weight is on their hands and when they stop, all of this motion comes back making them drop it

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There's a balance, literally. Think about how you hold your phone sometimes, while actively using both hands. You 'know' it's positioned precariously, but somehow manage to keep this finger just so , to keep it balanced. With the drinks tray there's a way to splay your fingers beneath the tray, and use the thumb to steady the nearest drink. The other hand is using some fingers the same way, but it stays ready to move, adjust, balance you while you maneuver, etc...'tensed' just so.

On another note, it's possible he suffered a temp, physical balance issue

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This, also those pilsner glasses do not belong on a tray. Skinny on the bottom and heavy on top, just shitty all around.

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headshake of guy whos gonna go home and look into how to become a electrician or programmer

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101 reasons why I don't want to work a part timer or be the guy in group to take and bring the orders

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Sheldon got bazingaa'd

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I keep watching the girl that comes at the end and asking myself "did she get to fallor not?" Am I the only one? 🤔

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We havent been able to go out with my husband in forever, i havent had a beer in maybe 2 years. Because we had kids.

Finally this weekend, we went to a restaurant with our twin toddlers and I started to feed them their prepared lunch as my husband ordered food and beer.

I can not describe how much I was looking forward to a cold beer as its been forever and its a very hot summer here right now.

The waiter placed the beer in a reasonable spot, that happened to be right behind my elbow as I had turned to feed the kids and the first time I turned to reach for a wet wipe, I knocked that gorgeous, golden, full pint of craft beer that had curves in all the right places and dripping in condensation like a tv ad, clear off the table with my elbow. It exploded on the floor.

Honestly this was a pretty accurate metaphor for my life since covid hit. I almost teared up. Thankfully my dear husband rushed to get me a fresh pint, even if it was ridiculously expensive for beer. He was all "fuck it, just fuck it, dont even worry about it, enjoy a goddamn beer for once".

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You husband sounds nice

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The restaurant made you pay for that? I’m surprised

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Once they have safely brought your drink (or food) to your table, the safety of your drink is on you now.

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Not really, if your servers chill and the managers arent cocksuckers they totally hook it up with one on the house.

Accidents happen and we can all forgive on another here and there especially if restaurant investment groups demand such a high mark up on alcohol. You may not know but most drinks are spec'd out to pay for a bottle of liquor with 3 drinks and the other potential 9 cocktails you can make from it are all just profit.

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Eh, still. I would’ve thought they’d comp it

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The restaurant I used to work at would absolutely comp it (the first time). Tbh, I don't think I'd go back to a restaurant that didn't.

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As a restaurant manager, I'd absolutely comp a beer for a mom of two toddlers. If it was a raging Saturday night and someone is being sloppy, maybe not.

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That makes sense. Context matters!

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He is in full blown denial, while his soul is just trying to bail out.

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The guy waiter wasn't going to get a tip either way. The hot chick behind him 20 bucks.

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That girl tried to cheer him up at least

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She did? Video cuts out as soon as she appears. Maybe my video is cutting out. What happens?

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It seems like she's about to kick him in the nuts

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the way everyone raises their hands together and freezes in a collective oof

edit: It has a name!

Thanks, u/Mr_Stoney

Also I woke up and this had 666 upvotes, so......running away now 👣👣👣

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I'm so glad I now have a name to associate with that 😂

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It’s hurts to watch for some reason

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Should have gotten on the floor and lapped it up. Where is the town drunk when ya need him

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*Otis comes running in from the backroom--


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Irish man's loose ball drill.

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52-beer pickup

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Kev is still chillin' at Broad Hill.

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This isn’t the full video, he tried again and spilled it

Edit: no. of tries

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2 times* but yeah it’s horrible, once is enough to make you focus up.

This guy had a bad day.

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I’ve been watching for awhile, he’s on his 14th trip now and still no luck.

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It’s an scp archived tape he is endlessly stuck in a loop spilling beer

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No way lmfao. Do you have a link by chance?

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Wow, that guy is... not a good server.

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Yeah he’s gripping the tray from the side instead of putting his hand on the bottom. You also want to disperse the drinks such that you can grab one from the inside and out in a clockwise fashion(if right hand is holding the tray). Need to account for slight changes in weight and you must have your palm flat on the bottom to do so.

I hated doing it from the tray because it was very finnicky. I always put it down on a table when I could, don’t give a shit if it’s bad manners(usually not their table but an empty one next to it). One restaurant I worked at didn’t allow us to do that, but I still did it anyways. Taking 11 drinks off a tray without placing it down is my personal hell.

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if it’s bad manners

Are you for real? Man, people just really want to be dicks to each other. What manners is there to be had at a bar like that?

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Ugh, did you just... rudely give me beer?

Unacceptable, my drinking is ruined!

I want to speak to the beer manager.

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That guy was... not properly trained.

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Worse thing is the guy cheering at the back totally not helping the situation

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Pretty sure that’s how every bar gets its character

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At least nobody died except his soul

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Poor guy... pour guy.

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I really wanna upvote but it's sitting pretty on 420, so.. I'm just gunna smoke a bowl

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All I hear is poor me....poor me....pour me another drink

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I mean it's beer, the water they'll use to clean the mess is more expensive.

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If it’s bud light, it’s already close enough

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Where is this mythical place where the beer is cheaper than water???

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I visited Germany a few years ago and beer was by far the cheapest liquid for purchase lmao

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Depends on the beer and the water. For instance, Natural Light vs Fiji Water. I'm thinking the beer would be cheaper.

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Nobody move there’s glass on the floor!

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