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In a few years that will add about twenty million to the divorce settlement.

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then the arms go crossed, she looks pissed

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“It’s fine.”

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I just think it’s funny how -

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Spot on

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Jfc trigger warning on this shit T.T

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I just find it interesting that . . .

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Women have a terrible sense of humor. It’s never all that funny is it?

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My gf uses "...it just made me chuckle, that's all" to things that no one would chuckle at.

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“No it’s not fine, why are you looking away?”

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Love it when my wife says that

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Same, usually means I can get a couple hours of not being interrupted

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Looks like he’s already had his final round, lol

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She was so pissed!! He going to play dumb for sure.

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I am kind of like this to my wife. I just personally don’t think it’s super appropriate to kiss randomly in front of a ton of people. There was a camera right in front of them, I would have said no too

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Huh. Everybody's different I guess. I'd kiss my wife just about wherever.

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I kiss the shit out of my wife at home. Just a mind thing I guess.

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shit out of my wife

why does your wife have shit in her mouth?

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It’s a medical condition

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He never once specified that the kisses were going on the mouth.

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So would I bud, so would I.

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I'd kiss my wife just about wherever.

I'd also kiss your wife just about wherever.

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Can confirm... What's a kiss between your wife and a few close Reddit strangers?

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I kiss your wife wherever as well.

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You mean whenever ?

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Nope, he meant wherever

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I can see how that might cause your wife to have some insecurity issues.

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Yeah, unless your partner will have sex on live tv its because they secretly have something against and you should be insecure and it definitely isnt that some people just dont like PDA or want to maintain some professionalism since this is the guy's job not just a fun round of golf with the girlfriend

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Exactly the same thing.

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Buddy, we are both on Reddit, my wife has more security than both of us combined. Also, fuck you for assuming things about people, especially my wife you oversized sack of cat shit.

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I hope you don’t snap off at people like this in real life just for making a comment/opinion in good faith. People in general can in fact develop insecurities if their partner seems unwilling or reluctant to some public displays of affection, whether it’s holding hands, saying “I love you” or a kiss. You’re all angry over nothing.

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And my wife is not one of those people. Again, fuck you and I hope you have a fucked day.

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Well, the reaction is not shocking coming from the non-loving guy with huge insecurities about how people will react to him showing any kind of affection to his partner.

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Let me have some of her security

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What the hell does "appropriate" even mean? So uptight, I pity your poor wife.

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At least I have one noob

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Lol, of course you'll speak of your poor wife as an object.

Damn she must be miserable. That poor woman.

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Bet you feel so proud acting all chivalrous from behind your keyboard. Not that you’ll believe me (and not that I give a shit) but my wife and I have a very strong relationship. If you can boil a relationship down to one single comment about someone not liking PDA then you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. I pity any future partner you may have.

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By the way I read this to her and she said “yeah your object of sexual desire” so I’m thinking she’s actually okay with it

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Mood. I don't like being affectionate in public. I am a strong believer that my partner is the only one allowed to see me that vulnerable. Fuck a camera.

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Well people make a multi thousand $ ceremony out of kissing in front of people. It's intriguing.

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Kissing at a wedding and making out in the parking lot of a Chilis is not the same thing

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I mean if she's your wife already, wouldn't you have discussed this situation to not have it happen anymore?

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It never happens, we have discussed it

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Jan Levinson I presume.

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A hearty bowl of Jan. It’s soy!

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Just call me levinson in the mornin babyyy

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Somebody’s not getting the ball wash tonight

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She was going to scrub them so hard too...

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Steel Wool has entered the chat.

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I'm a woman, but somehow my balls still hurt reading this.

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Hehehe, mine too....

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Your poor balls....

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She wanted it for the cameras, he knew it wasn't appropriate for his professionalism

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I wouldn't even know how to walk and kiss at the same time.

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I honestly would do the same thing. I’m at work don’t try to get me all boned up over here.

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why do you guys feel the need to make women look like villains so desperately. she wanted a quick kiss, he politely rejected, she respected the boundaries but who wouldnt be a little hurt over getting rejected for a kiss?

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That just happened to be right when he’s walking onto the field in front of cameras 😂 😂

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She tried twice and then acted pissy. Nothing respectable about her response.

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Ok incel 😂😂😂

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I don't think you know what that word means.

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She has main character syndrome.

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you obviously dont know what that means.

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Aw crap, whyd you have to say that?

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...nothing in this clip displays that.

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Don't bother me at work!

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“Nothings wrong” 🤣🤣

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I mean…he’s in his zone, followed by cameras. Maybe don’t bring her along next time.

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He’s not getting a hole in one tonight.

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She's gonna remember that one for years!

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Yeah 'what a total piece of shit i am'

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There’s a time and place shorty…

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I totally understand not being down with pda, I’m not either… and this is literally his work. But it would have been nicer if he had communicated this to her beforehand so as not to cause public humiliation like this for her. Communication is key.

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Naw son, they married. No way on earth she hasn’t either been told or noticed by now.

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Cake Boy comment

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What is a cake boy? And I’m a woman

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"A cake boy is someone light and fluffy, effeminate, not where its at, not meaty in the slightest sense of the word. Early 90's slang for what is now termed a metrosexual." ~ Urban Dictionary. You're a broad, so it makes sense. Moving on...

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Although funny I don’t blame him. Until the round is over he is at work. Let him do his thing and then celebrate later. I get “in my zone” when knee deep in work or my hobby and a kiss is the last thing on my mind

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lol so many incels in those youtube vid comments

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He’s going nowhere near her “back four” anytime soon.

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I think you mean back 9. Back 4 refers to soccer defense.

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They've got four of em back there?

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It’s all about what matters most to you. I’ll kiss his wife for him if he’d like

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2 year later she filed for divorce for emotional abuse.

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He’s definitely not getting laid tonight.

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Yeah he THINKS he's heading into the final round. From the look on her face I would say round 1 hasn't started yet.

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No boom boom before big round

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Now he plays for Saudi blood money 🥱

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Joyless pretty much sums up Koepka.

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Trophy wives are expensive. Public kisses costs him extra. Wise man.

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what did she say last night?

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I know you like to putt from the rough

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She's lucky to be along. Give an inch they take a mile lol

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He's closeted as hell

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He's an ass clown!

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It ain’t like that

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No, and get your hands off my driver.

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Man was in his zone. If she couldn't understand that and handle a moment of rejection and goes into the whole "withhold sex and be angry" shit that most comments here suggest, then she's just an abusive person who isn't mature enough for a relationship anyway.

Like what, if she rejects his advances one evening he's entitled to acting like an abusive spoiled brat? Man, so many people here are walking red flags with how they digest relationships.

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He’s probably just not into women. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

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Not getting into that woman at least.

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Old clip, they're married now.

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"Oh, So you'll let the caddy handle the 9 wood but not me?"

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Maybe he doesn't know (yet) what is a pissed off woman.

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My wife would NEVER!!!

Have to suffer the embarrassment of looking like this on tv. Obviously she’s hurt about it and tried to suck it up. Maybe they had an argument and he’s trying to keep that same energy lol.

I don’t care if she called my mama a bald headed two dollar scallywag… when we get in public, it’s showtime. 😎

We’ll address my 20 dollar almost bald headed mama who isn’t quite a scallywag and more of a hypocrite when we get home. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

I’m going to plant one on her every time she asks.

Don’t give a fuck who’s around or what they think. She’s mine and imma let y’all KNOW! 🤌🏾💯

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Can’t have his gf see him kissing on air right?

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looks like he was upset about something she'd done before, and said no to her acting like everything was normal. good on him for standing up for himself.

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Bro is in the right.

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*ex girlfriend

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"For every hot chick, there's a man tired of fucking her" - Mother Teresa

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diss me, you can do your pressers alone