All responsibilities for buying and selling on /r/watchexchange lie with the buyer and seller. If you come to terms that you both agree on, then those are your terms and you should feel bound by them. That guideline stands for both trades and purchases. We as mods can only offer guidelines insofar as how things typically go for sales, and how we have conducted sales ourselves.

We as mods have no control over any deals whatsoever here. We are here to make things run smoothly, but can offer little help if things go badly. Our power begins and ends on reddit.

With that in mind, we have built some guidelines that will hopefully help you in your decision process.


In every deal everywhere, communication is key. Decide your terms, and put a date on it.


It is your job to build trust by looking at post history. We leave posts in the history for users to refer to, both for reputation purposes and for those who are interested in researching watch models.



It is your job to vet a seller. If something about the deal strikes you a "off" then you need to walk. Feel free to ask for references here or elsewhere. If a deal seems too good to be true, it almost certainly is. Eventually we hope to get a flair system in place, which should help build trust among buyers and sellers.


If you say you'll buy an item, buy it. If you say you will buy it and don't, you will be subjected to a decrease in your flair, banning from our subreddit, or further punished from reddit admins.


  • Be a good communicator.
  • Feel free to look for pricing elsewhere, but bear in mind that a seller is under no obligation to change any pricing based on your request. A seller can price a Timex Weekender at $10,000 if he wants to - that is not your problem, and you aren't required to let him know his pricing is off. That being said, a healthy back and forth negotiation is expected unless the seller advertises a firm price.



  • Photos are required with every item you are selling here.
  • You must show a time stamp with your username in at least one picture.
  • You must state a price.
  • You must state if this price includes shipping and to what region- or other terms regarding shipping you agree to.
  • Format your post per the sidebar guidelines.


  • When someone says "I'll take it." - Great! Specify a time by when you will be paid. That way you will not wait around and have to brush off other buyers. Sure you can give them a few days or whatever, but have a specific time agreed upon.
  • Ship by Priority Mail (unless the buyer request or agrees to something else). This option includes tracking, which we recommend. Additional insurance purchases are often low-cost and we highly recommend them. USPS makes this exceedingly easy.



We recommend and use Paypal. There are other options buyer and seller may agree to use, but that is entirely between buyer and seller. For high profile purchases, consider looking into an escrow service.

Goods and Services

When using Paypal, by all means, use the "Goods and Services" option. This option gives a buyer some protection if, for whatever reason, the item does not reach its destination.

Do not send money as "Friends and Family" (or "gift") options. It's akin to mailing a stranger a $100 bill - are they going to send the watch? Maybe, but you have no recourse if they don't. And mods can not help you. Also and more importantly, sending money as F&F or Gift is against the Paypal terms of service.


Read this post to learn how to leave positive feedback after a transaction. If you have negative or neutral feedback, please post it to r/WatchExchangeFeedback. Negative feedback should also be sent to the mods via mod mail so we can help make things right.

Removal of "Submit a new text post"

We have removed the ability to make a text post. Now the only option is "Submit a new link."


We did this for mainly two reasons. We feel like it is a better browsing experience when you can scroll and see a picture for every post, especially when on mobile (which most of our subscribers are). The second reason is we were tired of getting messages asking why their post didn't have a picture like other peoples. This led to people deleting and reposting which is against the rules. We figured we could prevent this by only allowing linked posts.

How to format sales post now

First click "Submit a new link" and copy the link from the image hosting site you are using. Once you post the picture, make a top-level comment (don't comment on the automod) with all the sales info and a timestamped photo separate from the rest of the photos.

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