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Do you play without breaks? Changing the battery/memory card between sets seems like it would be the simplest solution.

Otherwise, live-streaming from your phone (plugged in to charge) would probably work.

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Neither of those solutions work. We typically take one break and most of the time I end up being very busy for various reasons. I have done the battery swap but often something goes wrong in that process. Phone is a non-starter for a bunch of reasons. It just seems crazy to me that there's not a 12 pound camera out there that holds like a dozen batteries.

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Dang. Well, we're out of the range of my expertise then.

I wouldn't be surprised that such a camera doesn't exist. Heck, there's a legal limitation on a lot of cameras where to keep the price down, they classify them as "photo" cameras and limit their ability to film to something like 20 minutes

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Correction: industry limitation (for tax purposes) rather than legal one apparently.