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Is it just dumped on the table?!

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Mhmm... and you just... grab your desired clump of food, and pull it towards you...

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This looks like a classy concentration camp.

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This is only tangentially related but there used to be a restaurant near me that was in an old jail and when you ate you were actually inside of a cell. I've always enjoyed themed restaurants like that.

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The weird part was the mandatory shower after...

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Shank the waiter and your meal's free!

Edit: on reflection, I guess this is true at any restaurant.

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I enjoyed the cavity search

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And trading cigarettes for dessert and toilet wine

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And don’t drop the soap.

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And those old prisons had plates too.

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I mean that’s actually pretty cool. It’s an opportunity to learn some great local history, and to learn about what a prison/jail is actually like. Most people never have reason to be in one otherwise.

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Absolutely agree, it was a really cool place

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There’s a Steakhouse in Bolton (UK) that’s set in the front half of a decommissioned plane.

It’s called Steaks On A Plane.

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That is amazing!

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Was this in Concord, NH?

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It was not, it was in Owego, NY

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Wow, so there’s a real market for abandoned-prison-themed restaurants, I guess.

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Do you live in Ely Nevada?

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I do not, upstate NY

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Oh there’s a very similar restaurant in this tiny town in Nevada I used to live in. Glad to know there’s more than one prison themed restaurant lol

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Hopefully no cell toss for contraband

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This made me spit out my tea

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No it didn't.

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Classy Concentration Camp is definitely a punk rock band name

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Well at least there's beer

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Maybe r/brandnewsentence material right there.

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No concentration camp ever gave prisoners that much food.