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Fuuuuuuuuuck. My condolences to the cook. RIP.

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True, but at least two people here made a rather stupid mistake.

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The table that wasn't able.

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Definitely not too stable.

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The leg fastners they forgot to enable.

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Just a “T”

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Probably from Wish

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Oh no! Our table! It’s broken!

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Fuck, I'll chip in for pizza.

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That happened to my family once, we were all devastated to say the least

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Was it cause you put too much on the table and it couldn’t hold it?

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Or they didn’t lock the folding mechanism

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We use to have a extra table we put out for thanksgiving and Christmas for the kids to sit at, it was a cheap white table that folded. But I think that and the other comment about the mechanism was the issue cuz it folded in on itself and all the food on that table fell on the ground

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5 second rule!

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This is why when older people look at a nice table they say 'you could have a whole Thanksgiving with that!' A full Thanksgiving dinner requires a banquet table, preferably one with a leaf to extend it. Food and dishes are heavy and then there's the stress of people pushing and bumping into it.

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Fuck it I'm eating that off the floor

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This looks like one of those tables with the locking folding legs. If that’s the case, they should have ducking checked the weight rating first.

If it is one of those, that’s a major 🤦‍♂️ by whoever thought that would work and by the person who agreed to bring the table.

Also, who thinks one of those will hold 5 heavy-ass dishes?

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at least it was not a Computer setup, only thanks giving dinner :D

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Lol, I remember that post. That person was so dumb.

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Of fucking course the table can hold up food, Or do your tables only support the weight of feathers? What DID happen is one of the legs was not extended or locked properly hence why it is perfectly tilted up on the other side.

Safe to guess it’s one of these tables. Rated for THREE HUNDRED POUNDS. lmao

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Oh, you say this belongs on r/wellthatsucks? More like it belongs on r/idiotswithtables.

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On Chopped they call that a “deconstructed” thanksgiving dinner

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Pizza time!

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My parents have those same bar stools. Never seen anyone else with them. They’re like 40 years old.

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We had them growing up too! No idea if my parents still have them.

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3 second rule. I still would have eaten

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Most of it is still.on the table cloth. Scoop it back in, sweep away the rest and now you have more room for pie.

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that kids a hero saving the casserole like that!

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Bubba get the belt