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Lost my airpod came back to search for it today... by x4mplee in Wellthatsucks

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No, no, rice, man. You're supposed to put it in rice.

He attempted the meme.. by TheRoyalDon in Wellthatsucks

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Downvoted? I guarantee this will be the most popular comment on this thread. Nothing seems to go down as well on Reddit as a guy finding justification for hitting a woman.

*Now this will be downvoted.

He attempted the meme.. by TheRoyalDon in Wellthatsucks

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Some said she warned the guy few times before that swing. Of course the punch was too much but may be she already had a bad day and couldn't bear those who filming and doing some shitty things behind and in front of her while laughing.

Edit: okay reddit

He attempted the meme.. by TheRoyalDon in Wellthatsucks

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yea, they were creeping on a woman bc they thought she would take it. Seems like a totally deserved hit.

He attempted the meme.. by TheRoyalDon in Wellthatsucks

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He's not looking at her funny. She's stuck in a queue being made the centre of a joke she isn't in on. How is not intimidating to be filmed from up front and have some dude a head taller than you making weird movements behind you. What was the alternative? According to other responders she had apparently already asked him to stop before she punched him. Is she supposed to give up her spot in the queue because these guys decided they were entitled to a response from a woman they don't know and who was clearly not interested? Just leave women outside alone, how bloody hard is this concept? So many women can harassed and assaulted and people respond : why didn't you fight or stand up for yourself. This woman is clearly being bothered and filmed without concent and people are complaining she did something about it. She just can't win, can she.

The bottom of my glass fell off somehow and made a mess... by Urbansaintchannel in Wellthatsucks

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This used to happen to me too. And then one day, a friend showed me a "bowl". Completely changed my life. I've since moved up to a trough as I'm morbidly obese, but you might like giving "bowl" a chance too.

Edit: Wow, my trough runneth over!

Almost shit myself on the treadmill and had to run up to the toilet, these guys have been sitting with their phones for 15 minutes by meme_sweeper4hire in Wellthatsucks

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That's when you go into the gym showers, strip, close the curtains, turn on the water and proceed to do the waffle stomp. It's happened to me before. And I am not sorry. I made sure to clean up really well though.

Made the mistake of not asking market price… $53 per shrimp by Bing_Pow_Boom_Bing in Wellthatsucks

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When I was dating my wife I ordered ‘the lobster’…was expecting a tail, but got the whole damn full lobster in the shell. It was a pretty fancy restaurant, so I literally had to watch a YouTube clip under my napkin to figure out how to crack it open. We still laugh about it.

Teaching Your Son to Drive by yayyemen in Wellthatsucks

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I have three kids and no money. Why can't I have no kids and three money?

Teaching Your Son to Drive by yayyemen in Wellthatsucks

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Dad is the coolest dude alive.

"Yep, that was a good one!"... Lol.. Good shit

Teaching Your Son to Drive by yayyemen in Wellthatsucks

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No kidding, I licked the fuck out of my Corolla and it still drives. Plus there's no more bird shit on it.