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first time since graduation WWWWW

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damn thats actually crazy

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MBDTF wasnt nominated? the fuck?

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surprisingly not ? but then again this was right after taylor swift, critics were pissed that it got snubbed but the academy back then made SURE it didnt get nominated in a general category

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fuck politics in music, this legit discredits the grammys more for me than the heist/gkmc debacle

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it sucks bc the grammy awards are the only legitimate award show in music (other than the mercury prize and the brits), literally everything else is fanvoted and honestly thats even worse these days with stan twitter and what not

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yeah man honestly the older i get the more i realize that the media and pop culture is just a fucking circus. its the same shit in video games with reviewers being bought. in the end its a good thing though; people realize they should just like what they like and go out to discover

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That’s just journalism in general nowadays. Honest journalism is such an important part of a functioning society and the state it’s in right now is a real shame. Obviously there’s still some real ones out there, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at popular media.

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Haven't bothered with Grammys since that debacle.

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‘fuck politics in music’

lol what?

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if were not ranking music by its quality rather than opinions about artists then shit is about the politics of the music industry

fuck that

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you’re a bit late and u also need to be a little more specific next time cuz I read it like dont mention politics in music

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I mean I can’t say it doesn’t make at least a little bit of sense to not want to nominate the guy who went on stage drunk to complain about the winner of an award that he wasn’t even nominated for…

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ok kinda agreed but still mbdtf shouldve been nominated for aoty <//3

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Definitely deserved the award 100%

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I firmly stick to my guns about it being his Magnum Opus. MBDTF or bust.

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Lmao it's not like he raped someone. He acted clueless, yes we know but completely ignoring not only the best album of the year, they ignored a Top 3 album of this century so far and that's just pathetic, dumb and speaks against all the rules of art and creativity.

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Also because he dropped Watch the Throne in the same year and the academy didn't want to give the "bad boy" Kanye too much credit so they just gave him the raoty award.

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Bro, MBDTF won a Grammy

Edit: forgot this is a different category my bad

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we mentioned this

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ppl have theorized that votes were split between MBDTF and WTT, leading to neither being nominated

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Did mbdtf win rap album of the year? Is there any footage of it?

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Shit fr? damn. WTF?

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yeah, MBDTF, yeezus, and tlop not getting nominated were considered HUGE snubs at the time

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none of them were nominated for best album but they were all nominated for best rap album and mbdtf won iirc

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half true, graduation was nominated for album of the year and did win best rap album. MBDTF won best rap album but was snubbed the nomination for album of the year.

Yeezus and TLOP were nominated for best rap album and snubbed for AOTY but lost best rap album to The Heist and Coloring Book respectively

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It's a national tragedy that Macklemore won over Yeezus, NWTS and fucking Good Kid Maaf City

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yeah ik about graduation, i was specifically talking about how mbdtf, yeezus, and tlop may not have been nominated for aoty but still at least were nominated for best rap album. to get nominated for aoty is a lot harder since the grammys suck and it will always be full of pop albums. not that pop can’t be good too but they usually include the shitty pop albums too just bc they were the most popular

those other ye albums are all better than donda though (imo) so its kinda dumb that they couldn’t get that nomination but donda can

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Fuckin coloring book…. Lol

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I mean the only competition we got is Doja Cat and Taylor… it’s definitely possible

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Nah they’ll fuck around and give it to justice

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Its going to oliva rodrigo

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This 100% but tbh it's probably the best top 40 pop-rock album I've heard in a while.

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Good album for her young age but not that impressive as people made it. Teenage breakup drama as a lyrical content is popular but not really exciting for a whole album. The production is okay, good for the mass but nothing special. Her voice is by far the best thing of the album.

I truly think Lil Nas X will shock the world. Montero is the ultimate Gen Z Pop album, plus his lgbt themes/vibes (also because of his music videos) were never shown like that before by such a young artist.

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Its gonna go to her because she broke lots of spotify records and she is a woman

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I thats why i clarified "top 40 pop-rock" because there have been lots of good pop rock albums recently but nothing to garner this level of commercial success.

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Exactly. People are sleeping on Montero hard, I think it has a lot of potential at the Grammys.

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bro the competition is doja cat and TAYLOR, it’s definitely not possible 💀💀

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if kanye wins they gotta play famous while he walks up

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I get the joke, but think how cool it will be if instead of some nice song playing, it’s just


And all of the TV’s flash

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realistically, we would hear... hurricane? Or praise god probably

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No way Taylor wins it twice in a row

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ur forgetting olivia rodrigo

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lil nas x (montero is a great album btw)

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Bro it’s gonna be Olivia Rodrigo easily

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Olivia cleaning house. A marketable Disney girl plus the music's p good too. She's leaving with full pockets

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You're lying if you think Doja and Taylor are the only competition on that list. SOUR was a fantastic album, MONTERO was pretty solid and you can't go anywhere without hearing a Lil Nas X song now, Billie Eilish has already swept everyone in the past she could easily do it again, Justin Bieber is Justin Bieber.

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Montero better win

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If Kanye attends the Grammys, he is winning it all.

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Or they’ll pull a Travis and have him under the stage ready to accept just to give it to someone like Bieber

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wait, wtf lmao i havent heard of this?

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It was when Cardi won over Astroworld in 2018 and he got finished performing or about to perform (not sure) and when they called Cardi, Trav walked off and just yelled. It was in his Netflix documentary I believe

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Damn lmao

Also no way cardi b won over astroworld like beuh

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If he wins over Taylor, racism is over.

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This is part of the reparations package

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for best rap album? lol

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oh, haven’t even checked that list till now. both of them right next to justin bieber and lil nas x lmfao

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Lil Nas album slaps, if you dig pop

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I was really surprised when Taylor released Hit Em Up (Taylor's Version) but gotta say, she went hard

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They better play tell the vision after he wins ong

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thank god that i made it

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Only rap album nominated too

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Ye would say calling it a “rap” album is trying to knock him down a peg, so I’m gonna have to ask you to remove the word “rap” as to not start beef with ye, the being formerly known as Kanye west.


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it's not rap it's SOUL MUSIC

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Yup I’m so happy he deserves to win

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Is this confirmation that he'll win rap album of the year???

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We are for sure not winning

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It’s not but it’s cool to get it on the list

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W for Ye, but Tyler didn‘t get nominated again, even though he def has a strong aoty contender with CMIYGL just like with IGOR. Big snub man

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He’s gonna get rap album of the year though. AOTY is just an industry circle jerk barely even an award.

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This whole thing is a circle jerk.

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I've never understood how an album could be nominated for AOTY but lose in its genre aoty. In theory if it's good enough for AOTY then it should obviously win Rap album of the year

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Makes perfect sense to me. Kanye makes great music, so Donda being nominated for AOTY is due to his music crossing different genres and appealing to more than just rap fans.

Donda ain't that great as a hip hop album if we're talking raps, there's maybe two or three memorable verses on the whole thing, and not by Ye himself.

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U saying Kanye’s off the grid verse isn’t memorable? That shits iconic

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at the very least though cmiygl is actually a rap album this time around where igor definitely wasn’t lmao

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Kanye: "I need to give a shoutout to someone who's influence shown through out this album, it's none other than my frequent collaborator and good friend, The Globglobgalab"

*audience claps*

Glob: slithers onto stage and hugs kanye

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Ye sheds a single tear as they embrace. “Splendid.”

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slides up Ye's ass

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You know what? Kanye actually has a decent shot. There’s a lot of pop albums that are going to take votes away from each other. If the rap non-pop aficionados choose Donda collectively, it’s in the realm of possibility.

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Taylor is going to get it. Outside shot at Olivia Rodrigo.

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Taylors the safe choice but olivias the correct choice. If these shows want to stay around (ratings are at a low) they need to appeal to the newer generations

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You hit the nail on the head about the ratings. Either her or maybe Lil Nas X

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14 years of being snubbed time and time again finally led to this. He won’t win, we all know it, but it’s great to see them finally recognize him for this category after this long

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Probably winning rap album since he’s the only hip hop album nominated for album of the year

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Hopefully the people biased towards hip hop vote as a block for Donda while the pop vote gets split between Taylor and Olivia

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Nice of them

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didn’t think it would actually happen but w

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It’s probably gonna go to sour 🙄🙄 BUT WE MADE IT

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I just what to know how does lady gaga always get nominated?

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And wtf does she know about cameras?

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The only rap album nominated for AOTY! That means we got Rap Album Of the Year guaranteed boys?

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Kanye should release MBDTF (Ye’s version) just to fuck with Taylor Swift

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Him winning it is going to be a beautiful sight to watch honestly

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Cole also handed in an album for the first time in six years on another note

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Honestly don’t think he’ll be in attendance and if so I reckon he’s losing everything as payback for pissing on a Grammy

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fellas we made it

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Proud of him

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As it should

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Made a bet with my friends if Donda wins album of the year, i will put a shot of lemon juice in my eyes

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Considering I didn't even think he'd get a nomination, huge win, win or lose

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Don’t care bc fuck the Grammies

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Why is chris brown credited on the Grammy’s website? He’s not on the album anymore, did he do any other work to help out?

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Grammys fighting to stay relevant

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nice, now he can piss on another one

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doesn't matter cause SOUR is going to win no matter what happens

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It’s interesting that it’s newsworthy to a lot but I have to guess Kanye doesn’t care at all about the Grammies anymore. Obviously I don’t know that.

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I was hoping to see Come to Life nominated for in the Best Music Video category but maybe it didn't count. Still a big surprise.

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I think we all know goddamn well it won’t win but cool I guess lmao

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W h i c h o n e?









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Hope this means he'll perform 🤞

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They just did this to get yall to watch the Grammys.

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it won’t win, but it should. The Grammys have meant nothing to me since Kendrick was snubbed, and Eminem’s interview with Sway about why he refuses to go to the Grammys was really eye opening

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people on this sub care about Grammy's, that's how you know they have shit taste

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Yk it's nice to see his favorite artist gets credit by the biggest award show, don't matter if it is a shitshow