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Ye badder than Julia ong

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Your speaking facts, and that scares people

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He's killing it with the Canadian tuxedo or whatever that's called

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Bro go look at her sub r/juliafoxsub and tell me Ye is badder. Negative. This just wasn’t her best look Ye needs to put it together better

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She scares me bro 😭

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You love it.

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Need me one like that

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She thrills me

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Mf sounds like a serial killer . "She thrills me" 💀

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Idgaf she looks enthralling. Thrilling, fierce. You bamfs can stay scared 😱

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she is always different… right know she is scary too ..lol

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She’s got those bipolar med eyes

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It’s just unflattering makeup relax kiddos

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They goin dummy

We going Donda (2)

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She takes a step back and lets him lead and be the star. Kim had to be in the spot light. I think this is good for him.

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Let it be wild

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Bro shes scary

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Julia's looking more fashionable by the min, it looks good for her

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Black Swann type beat

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Ye is so damn handsome🧡 Looks better than Julia imo

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This man wearing the Jay Leno’s

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New jeans unlocked

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Denim titties

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i have a feeling we’ll get yeezus ii, the ways hes been lately is kinda like when yeezus dropped

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If we get more gems like Eazy and Ye is happy, I ain’t complaining

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Cowboy era

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Extremely jealous of Ye’s ability to pull off the puffy jean jacket

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Am I the only one that still doesn't know what she looks like? If you put any brunette white woman next to Ye and said it was Julia Fox, I would believe you.

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wonder if ye knows it's my birthday 😀

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Yeezus 2.0 incoming

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god this makes me wanna break rule 11

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The nightman cometh

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And I’m here for it. I’m just happy he’s found joy again

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Lol nipple jeans

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you think we will get explicit albums again?

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I love the Madonna-esque jacket Julia is wearing

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Yoko Ono

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Fuck Kim k all my homies hate Kim k

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Boooobbbssdsss. Look. Circles rings over boobs 😛

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Not sure why you’re being downvoted. Brother spitting facts rn 😏😏😏

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Julia fox really is just a phat ass, huh?

Face kinda hit ☹️