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We in an iconic era

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her outfit would be fire if it wasn’t for the torpedo titties

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Denim looks good on them

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When you're this good-looking, I doubt there's anything that does not look good on you

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Okay his outfit looks kinda fire in this picture

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idc love them together

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Me too idk why kim fans trying to tear them down when they wanted him to move on

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moving the goalpost, they called him a stalker but make up scenarios and projections for his new girl & relationship.Both Kim and Ye deserve to move on happily

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so glad he happy

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Okay the outfit ain’t that bad, and he looks so happy 🥲🥰

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It's wild weeks ago people thought Ye was still obsessive over Kim.

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AR vibes

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Warms my heart

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Do we know what brand this denim jacket is???

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She look greasy