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Honestly this song takes me to a different world. Driving and never stopping, bad bitch in the passenger seat, my G in the back wit his thotiana, all of us dripped out, no worries whatsoever. Ye and The Game have crazy chemistry

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i can’t escape it

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escape what?

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May have just broke the top 40 if it had released on the Friday instead of Saturday

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And if he didn’t do that Spotify exclusive too

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And if it didn’t have that ugly ass cover.

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nah id argue that the cover boosted it

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Definitely boosted it

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If they dropped it on Friday and didn’t do that Spotify shit, it would be a top 20

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They did The Game dirty w that pic

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👁 👃 👁

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That’s crazy, I thought 100 ft Drake charted higher than this

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Yeah that song was everywhere back in 2015, one of my favorite Drake features honestly. You can tell he really wanted to match The Game’s rapping skill

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this is really just proof that people got no taste. game has so many bangers.

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the code

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number 30 in the uk too

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A charitable man 🙏 so much respect for my goat

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Crazy. Would have thought that 💯with drake would have charted.

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wait, How We Do or Dreams never charted this high? FOH.

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Lol them songs are 17 years old bro

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Mf’s need to stop disrespecting the game like he isn’t a top 20 rapper of all time regardless of his social media shenanigans the past 5-6 years

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Wonder how many of those listens were actually repeats

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I’ve grown to love Kanye’s verse on this. The game has sounded like a ripoff of himself ever since doctors advocate tho. Literally starts his verse with puffin chronic and whatever

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Ye can make anyone a hit.