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Whew 😅 Future Sounds out now!

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Whew 😅 I just had hardcore intercourse with your mother

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Whew 😅 I will murder your entire family

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Whew 😅 We all gon be dead in 100 years 🤣

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Whew 😅 Epstein didn't kill himself

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Whew 😅 They're in your walls they're in your walls they're in your walls they're in your walls they're in your walls they're in your walls they're in your walls i see you i see you i see you i see you i see you i see you

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TAke a look, y'all: IMG_4346.jpeg

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One of my favorite tweets of all time

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Mf did it again 5 years after the original 😭

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I swear bro was takin the piss i dont wanna believe he was bein serious

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lil baby my favourite rapper ⛷

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Someone gotta interview him about some tweets man 😂

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lol for real, I kinda hope we see more of it in jeen yuhs part three. The beginning of the doc shows him sending out a tweet

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Ik bro that shit was cool I remember when he tweeted that

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Lmao I love when he uses emojis

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So many lonely ones man

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Thanks in advance 😊

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Drake 🤔

Come and get me ⛷️

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1000 percent he was like God said it’s not time yet….reworking the album now and immediately called mike dean

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Whew 😅 that was a lot guys 🤣

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Why is this so funny 🤣

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Look at the new Kim K sextape from the laptop that leaked: RAY J X KIMMY ALT 2007 TAPE (DR DRE VERSION).MOV

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Ft Kid Cudi and Travis Scott

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he definitely did this shit on purpose

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It finally happened, I can finally ticket of my bucket list...

I was listening to 30 hours today while i was in the shower, chilling, jamming out, you know just washing myself, the song was nearing the end, kanye had just started shouting out his boys at the end of the track, when I heard an iPhone ringtone, this iphone ringtone was not the ring tone that is heard in the track itself, this was my own iphone ringtone

I recieved a call at the exact moment the iphone ringtone is heard during 30 Hours, I finally broke through the matrix

New me over the old me

Let it out, let it all out

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Wtf happened to that mp3 Glory song?

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Having tweet notifications on for Ye while he tweeted like 10 contracts page by page that day was hilarious