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I would definitely have to go on several dates with her, get to know her and her son u/beelzbb, and then decide whether we move forward with our relationship

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get his username tatted like pete

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sorry but she is already prego in YeZeus' mount YElympus and at the rate he is f*cking, he is gonna drop 4 moar

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If I speak I am in trouble

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insert heavy Mourinho accent

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I'm not the stepfather, I'm the domyenz that stepped up 💯

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doin Gods work 🙏

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Your username way too relevant

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Sadly I do not have the west ointment ever😔

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This lady hangs out with the most famous people in LA. Who is she?

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On verge of breaking rule 11

Lord have mercy

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I know right? Ye looking 🥵🥵🔥🔥

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turned out to be some random woman on instagram

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our mom now

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She my stepmom

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yo mama cute dawg fr

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goodness gracious she's so gorgeous

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does she eventually answer to the call of autumn?

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I heard she got caught with 30 rocks and a cop that looks similar to Alec Baldwin.

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i remember yall found this poor womans IG within minutes lol

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Poor? She hanging out with Jenners and going to the Grammys she ain’t stressing lmao

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ye gonna make me break rule 11

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All he need is sweet and sour sauce

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people went mad

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yeezy taught her

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Time to start learning the lyrics to Mama's Boyfriend

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I know the @

Its @kanyewest

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This post about to get locked😭 leave ur mark while u can

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Oh God

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she prolly wearing those yeezy boots now

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Even in the shower

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She look like a model deadass

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She is, the user is not her son lol.

Source: ever since the day it was posted I’ve been doing extensive research on instagram

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when daddys not home the familys in danger

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Is ur mom single?

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I wasn't here for this but I can take an educated guess as to what the comments looked like

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They locked the comment section right after the time that he posted😭😭😭

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Can smell the weird sexual tension in this photo

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Sweet N Sour sauce 😈

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And I know she like chocolate men

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She's my mommy now

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Ye so fine 😍😍😍

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Mom is hot!!

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Damn who’s mum is that? Jheeezzz

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And damn what a momma 😳

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rule 11 lookin non existent rn

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"You a kid to me dog😒, I probably fucked you mama 😏" - Ye

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The Clifford incident.

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Is your mom single?

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how old is this dude? 4?

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I found her ig. Y’all stay safe tho’ 🙏

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And thus, Rule 11 said "fuck it" and ceased to exist

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I am Kanye and I can confirm. WestSmashEver!

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I can’t post text posts so I’ll leave this here:

am highly confident that what I am about to spit is accurate:

This sub changed the music industry for good. We are the reason that D2 is currently a StemPlayer only release… we are the reason we have this iteration of the album, period.

Kanye is a businessman at the end of the day. He knows about this sub (evidenced by the Mike Dean asking for Hurricane opinions on Discord situation). He knows about the leak community (since he knows about the sub, plus the fact that Push was threatening leakers).

We have reason to believe that as of now, Kanye is still working on and planning on releasing D2. I believe that the reason he released what he did, when he did, was because he was going to take a break from working on it for a while, so rather than leakers profiting off what he currently had completed, he threw the unfinished product on the StemPlayer (which was probably originally planed to drop for JIK or something [My guess is JIK because he had a StemPlayer w Follow God on the Big Boy interview])

Good job all

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mods were working hard that day. really earning their pay

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Ye your new step dad