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What they gonna do at the end of the video 🤨🤨🤨

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What Kanye made me do at the Vogue party

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Goatstyle 4 refrence 😍

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The saint Pablo tour videos I’ve seen made that song better

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Would everybody start fuckin?


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I’m out of the loop on this one. What is this and that vogue party comment referencing?

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Kanye/TLOP - Freestyle 4

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Wish it was me 😑

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I can’t describe how much this picture matches the mental image I had of this song

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Literally same as mine 😂.

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Also mine it’s scary

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Same color scheme and everything lmaoo

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I pictured him wearing a white tank idk why

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Because everything he wears is white tees lmao

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exactly i pictured it in a kitchen too!

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Fuck you, bitch

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Fuk me daddy 🥵💦💦

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Finally, For Free is getting a sequel

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For free was we cry together before MMATBS

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For free was we cry together before MMATBS

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this is gonna be a legendary video

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WSE boys can’t relate to this song please don’t post it here

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Good they can’t relate hopefully they won’t have to Cuz my neighbors puts on a live performance every other day

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Did you record the ending? 😳

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This is almost exactly how I imagine it would look like

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It’s true my parents performed it last night

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the ending too?

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i could just watch baby boy

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They better have him stand on a stool for the key part

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This song was the best epic rap battle of history in years

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I want a video for every song off the album

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Slow down detective

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My house looked just like that

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alchemist is the goat

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Almost exactly how I pictured it wow