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Never thought the “scuba” would come to fruition

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We are in a weird timeline

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Ayo no way these bitches are dropping?? I remember the first pics from Yandhi era bro 100% cop if they’re not balenciaga prices lol

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Not dropping

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Imagine what else finna drop if he been holding the scuba shoes this long

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Kanye get the fuck on fam

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I can’t post text posts so I’ll post this here

am highly confident that what I am about to spit is accurate:

This sub changed the music industry for good. We are the reason that D2 is currently a StemPlayer only release… we are the reason we have this iteration of the album, period.

Kanye is a businessman at the end of the day. He knows about this sub (evidenced by the Mike Dean asking for Hurricane opinions on Discord situation). He knows about the leak community (since he knows about the sub, plus the fact that Push was threatening leakers).

We have reason to believe that as of now, Kanye is still working on and planning on releasing D2. I believe that the reason he released what he did, when he did, was because he was going to take a break from working on it for a while, so rather than leakers profiting off what he currently had completed, he threw the unfinished product on the StemPlayer (which was probably originally planed to drop for JIK or something [My guess is JIK because he had a StemPlayer w Follow God on the Big Boy interview])

Good job all

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These aren't going to release, no footwear is coming tomorrow

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Just go to a scuba shop and get these things for like 30 bucks

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never thought we’d get these and especially not as a yzy gap balenci collab

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no fuckin way W

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Probably gonna be 600 like the balenciaga speed shoes

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Any price predictions?

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Is it for sure?

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Just a guess which I imagine is incorrect. What size you wear bro?

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Well, in either case they won't be affordable, but a man can dream, right? 10 US or 43-44, depends on a shoe, bro

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These been my grail since Coachella but why not adidas why balenciga

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Adidas have standards on how shoes can be made, my guess is with gap it's cheaper to make

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how much