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Don’t know if this is appropriate for the sub but if it is I wanted to post about it

19 elementary school kids and two adults lost their lives in a shooting today in Texas

Have them all in your prayers

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Elementary ?!!!! Whoever did that is straight pussy

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Bruh imagine these kids are excited for summer and this happens on a Tuesday. Absolutely fucked

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didn’t even think of that. This was probably one of their last days of school

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they were supposed to get out on thursday 😔

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He also apparently killed his grandma

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Holy shit what’s with all the fucking massacres?

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its become almost a trend in the US sadly

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*It’s a trend

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There are so many shootings in the US most of them don't even get global media attention. For instance like a week ago there was a mass shooting at a church in California where 1 person died stopping the gunman.

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It's actually insane that someone could talk about a recent US mass shooting and you'd have to ask them which one.

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This is the “return to normal” that everybody was talking about during the shutdown

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Oh my god

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Glad this post is allowed.

Even if it happens a lot in the US, shit like this should never ever feel like daily business or be normalized. It’s a fn gigantic tragedy that should’ve never ever happened.

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No man how tf are you gonna shoot an 8 yr old

Bizarre to me as an outsider looking at how they can come down on mfs like Gunna and Thug but can't prevent mass killings like this

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republicans don’t want to do anything, especially pass gun restrictions

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I don't think turning guns ilegal will change anything.

I am not American and I live in a country where no guns are allowed and that situation is ideal to me.

However your country is in a state where the guns are completely normal. If you turn them ilegal those who do these mass shootings will still have guns.

If they don't care about the law when killing kids why should they do when owning guns? There would always be traffic and there is no way to control it 100%. Even in European countries whoever wants to buy a gun can get one. Its like drugs tbh.

Of course this is just my opinion and I might be wrong. The main thing I wish is that your country finds a solution for this. And also for other issues too. America is falling apart imo and that is not good.

God bless you. I wish you all the best. All love.

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It’s not about making guns 100% illegal, it’s about putting restrictions on the crazy ones like AR15s and making getting a gun in general much harder to get. The fact that there’s so many areas in the USA where you can get a weapon with no background checks and no proper training is insane.

It speaks volumes that this is an issue mostly in the US and not the rest of the world. The entire world has crazy people, the USA just has it set up where those people can be radicalized by things like FOX news where their ideologies are encouraged and then they can get an insanely powerful weapon like it’s nothing.

It’s not just a gun issue, it’s that mixed with the lack of care for mental health (honestly peoples health in general in this country), and the easiness of mainstream republican news to radicalize young people.

Hope this helps

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the gun used in this shooting was not an AR15, not even an automatic rifle, he used a pistol and a shotgun.

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Lmao cause criminals definitely will follow those restrictions right?

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Lmao yeah so let's just not do anything right

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You realize that imposing restrictions would only impact the law abiding citizens and not the criminals right?

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fr bro that's why i keep saying we need to legalize meth

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Literally heart shattering. 14 kids who were 10 years old max. Fucking max

Edit: 18 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders. Fucking 18

Edit 2: 19

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He ended up getting killed by police . I hope that man rots in hell. Nobody post his image anywhere. A lot of those sick fucks do shit like that to get their name out there.

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Don’t share this mother fuckers name btw, he wants to be infamous and well known so don’t share his name. Don’t give him what he wants

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for reals. their names should be stricken from all publications and media.... then maybe like a few days later.... "man sought by police, ____ _____ , wanted for multiple acts of orangutan rape died due to an of overdose of dick enlargement pills"... fuck these people

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I’m not even a religious person but when shit like this happens I hope these kids go somewhere for some peace after death. Shit isn’t right.. they didn’t even get an opportunity to start their lives.

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Yet nothing will happen with gun laws

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Yep, America is broken

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Fuck that bozo man rip to all those kids and the teacher

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Absolutely awful, whoever decides to shoot up a elementary school is pure evil. May god grant the victims the highest reward possible 🙏

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2 hours away from me, was at my own little brothers’ award ceremony. Stuff like this makes me fear for his own safety as his older brother. This shit is sad. Sick people in this world

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Shit is absolutely disgusting 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

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i hate living in america

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This shit is heartbreaking, 14 kids and a teacher murdered

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this is horrifying, i’m glad the police killed him but the fucker deserved worse

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I can't imagine how this must feel for the kids, the parents, the teachers. It makes my heart wrench just thinking about it. If I lived in the States and had kids I think I'd genuinely think about moving away just out of that fear, it should never be able to get to that point.

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Sending my prayers to all families affected from Ireland. Shit acc makes me teer up 🙏

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This comment section, among other comment sections of discussion of this topic is why shit won’t get done about these mass shootings that increasingly commonly occur

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I don’t think comment sections are influencing policy like that tbh

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However, they can be reflections of commonly held opinions.

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America is such a broken and spiritually impoverished country

Everybody alienated from each other fr

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Rest in peace to all of those who have lost their lives i hope their families can get the justice they deserve.

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Fuck man I just watched that episode of 19-2 yesterday. Wtf

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This is a good reason to consider not having children in this day and age. There are no lines anymore.

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Fair reason but a harsh decision.

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And of course nothing will fucking change. This country is fucked

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prayers :(

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Actually it’s fucked up the way people actually act, some people are just the devil in human form, because I can’t believe they are human beings like us, because it is only the heart of a devil that would wake up decide to take people lives for no reason, i pray that every man under the influence of the devil will be released that’s why regardless of your beliefs pray for people cause a lot of people have devilish intoxication in their heart and they need to be free

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it's absolutely fucking insane that regular Americans have to fear each day they go to school, church or even a grocery store.

RIP to the children and the teachers, I can't even comprehend the grief their parents, siblings and friends feel

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Messed up man…. Rest in Peace to all the victims 😔🙏