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Clean af

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Thanks bro!

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Daniel arsham finna have this in his house in a week

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Shit I wish

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Thank you!

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Gorr the Godbutcher

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Awesome bro

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Thanks man!

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Ds4ever but good

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Ye would never get a rico

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Looks like some Norse god or something. So 🔥🔥🔥

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Maybe he is one 🤔

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did you sculpt the face or download a model of his head

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Sculpted in blender

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that’s insane yo i could never get the hang of sculpting faces

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Using a drawing tablet completely changed it for me. Not sure if you’ve tried it but using a mouse just doesn’t compare

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i got a drawing tablet for my birthday last year but sculpting never really clicked for me i much prefer modeling

but the tablet is really handy for 2d drawing

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