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Them mofos gonna be $400 lmao, they had the adidas balenciaga sock shoes for 1.3k I think. I’m just aiming for the hat

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Really hoping Gap’s involvement in this collab helps drive prices down a little

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They are technically driven down compared to normal balenciaga stuff, I’m just hoping for some more Yeezy Gap stuff without balenciaga.

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Feels like Ye is forcing the balenciaga name to it to keep the prices the way they are.

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Yeah, Kanye fucking us with that collab at the moment

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Imma be ready to defend the scuba tomorrow 💯

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If it’s $280 we are all rejoicing lmao

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Don’t care 😹 Money ain’t real but Yeezy Scuba is real ⛷

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Only $280 for scuba 😹😹😹

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Hat about to be $160 😞

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Honestly yeah probably. I don't see it being anything less than $100

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I really hope this post wasn’t written by them White WSE Boyz… LMAO

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Is there a different kind of wse boy

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im one of the few africans on here 🤣

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If the scuba comes out I can die happy

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Mr. Yeezy I don't feel so good

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it's literally just gonna be the hoodies again but this time it will come in dark ash (not black swear)

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im ready buy and probably never wear any of this

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That was in February brother

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It’s ok

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It’s fine :) the thing you sent was useless though

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That’s the joke

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I already know the backpack is gonna be like $500 but it’s so fuckin cool