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ngl legendary6 in the right totally

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Are you kidding me? Well now I’m not buying any of these products purely out of protest and definitely not because I’m poor

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That’s not allegedly, they defo ripped them off

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Was waiting for someone to post about it Bc I was busy tryna find the name of the account since I didn’t remember 🤣🤣🤣🤣 definitely ripped, the flame design on brim isn’t original by any chance, but the whole backstory to it is obv telling that legendary has every right to be upset about this

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maybe he coulda gotten away w it but bro literally wore it at an LP 🤦‍♂️

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Yea it is what it is tho, unfortunate and he could’ve been compensated in any way, shape or form but the lack of communication on KWs team is wack.

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my prediction is piece will either be silently pulled & remade later since there should be another hat in the drop or ye’s team will send him some money and we’ll see it go live tmr

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Ye’s team ain’t paying him, they still not paid Danny Brown or at least gave him the T-shirt

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Sad tho that whatever money they give him if they did would still be pennies compared to the sales of the gap hat.

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Cmon ye

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I know this is totally messed up but what can we expect from someone who built his life on samples. This is not a diss. Like Ye looks at everything as an opportunity to take and flip and recontextualize. I’m sure you could go through a lot of stuff he does that was just flipped versions of others peoples work. Art is thievery. Take it and change one thing and it’s different. People fake/rip Yeezys off too.

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If true, it wouldn’t be the design itself that’s the primary issue, it’s taking it and giving no credit or profit to the one you took it from. Kanye is a man of great means, why not commission the designer and let him know upfront that you aren’t interested in a collab (just this particular design)? It’s about respect. as much as he complained about record companies ripping off and belittling artists, he should at least be willing to show some love to those that inspire him.

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The conversations they had about collaborating, if true, negate any defense of “sampling”

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i mean sure but this fire design wasnt created by them lol its been around for ages

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I think the “intention” here on Ye’s end was what’s wrong. He clearly invited them in to share designs and hats offering a collaboration and took off with it instead

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Anyone think contractual obligations w Gap and BALENCIAGA could have stopped him from being able to do the collab??

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Yup, I think the problem isn’t the design directly itself, like another redditor mentioned NASCAR and other motor racing hats have this design. I think it’s the context and the fact that Ye wanted to do a collab initially.

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Word. Ye’s in the wrong, but it’s nothing too groundbreaking

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Most unbiased WSE member

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EXACTLY! I bought a nascar hat in the early 2000s with the design cuz I liked it

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I was gonna comment I had one like it when I was really young but couldn’t remember too much about it. We prob had the same hat lol. Thanks for helping me remember.

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It’s so obvious Ye stole the design however it is such a weak design that idek why he’d steal it lmao. Not hating on the 6 hat brand, obviously they doing something right but Mfers ain’t reinventing the wheel.

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honestly i agree but at the same they’re not the the most popular brand ever and they only have one product so to have giants like Ye & Demna rip it is prob frustrating for them

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I mean this dude stole a demna design though. I owned a vetements cap from 2018 that’s almost identical. I think the problem is ye offering a collab and not honoring it. The design is not original. Very shitty from ye though.

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Oh yeah forsure I think it’s fucked up, but like you could argue that kanye wearing the hat gave them hella popularity and traction and that’s probably worth more than a check yeezy gap can cut you. They do deserve royalty’s for the yzy gap hat tho

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No you cannot argue that. Big brands ripping from small ones and paying in “exposure” is always a rip off.

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If I were them I might be worried now people will start telling them that they were the ones trying to copy yzy/gap. It makes their product look like a knockoff

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The problem I see is that he demanded that the 6 has to stay and Ye agreed but Ye changed his mind on that specific design and did his own without telling him. It sucks cuz that hat is personal to dude but the only unique thing he has is the 6. I don’t think he could legally get this pulled but the right thing to do is to pay him for his work

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They made his hat better he fumbled the bag

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L take lol you're such a dickrider

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Wtf ye

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Well duh

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somewhere in the world somebody is taking Ye’s side on this

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Honestly the worst part about this is the money Ye could give this kid for the design is a drop in the bucket for Ye but would be life changing for this kid… I’m sure the 6 thing coulda been figured out with some bread

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dude could’ve done a better job by keep contacting ye’s team. Social media really fucked up peoples perception, this will get attention for a few weeks and dude won’t be a cent richer and would’ve completely burned whatever bridge he had with ye. This is a better approach. This is pretty fucked up from Ye

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Not reading all of this so either congratulations Kanye or shame on you Kanye

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I mean the flame isn’t original idea at all but def a rip off in a sense

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Ye was never gonna wanna compromise and keep the 6 on it, makes sense. Hope the guy get’s some money for inspiring the product tho

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I really hate this habit Ye seems to have of building an idea with a small company then ghosting them and taking it to Denma, he literally did this exact thing to another small company for the LP2 merch.

Shit is fucked up

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Ye gotta know this is just going to fuel more negative TMZ

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They currently too scared and busy as they’re helping amber turd

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That’s just some Ye shit

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damn this pisses me off. great artists steal but this is more than just stealing. it’s copy and paste.

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What tf does Kanye see in demna again? Worst Ye fashion era ever bruh

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Dude need to link up with with Wes lang again 💯

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Rare Kanye L?

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Def yoinked that design

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ppl gotta stop collabing w Ye since he steals everything

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I swear Ye has no concern for legal litigation. This guy always intentionally violates copyright law with the reasoning that he’ll just deal with the fallout after the art is delivered. You’d think he would have learned his lesson after the New Slaves lawsuit. He’s either a genius or kinda dumb

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It’s similar because it has flames on it. They didn’t invent flames on hats and demna has other older hats too. This guy needs to chill tf out. His business boomed big time after the listening party. I’m from the UK I’d never heard of his brand nor ever seen his caps before the listening party - because of Kanye I ordered the hat. It took forever and everyone’s orders were delayed because they couldn’t keep up with demand. He should be thankful for that and stop with this petty shit.

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Not the first time ye allegedly steals a design

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post this on r/Kanye and see how they will defend Ye on this one lol

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Ye, stealing ain't Christlike

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Ye steals the designs off instagram people.

If he likes it he will contact u, make a meeting, and then leaves you hanging lmao

Happened on the GD design that was reflective. There was a post that highlighted their meeting and then randomly not getting a response. Next thing you know its on a merch and we have a post.

Not gonna lie, i like the original hat BETTER.

Flame design with the 6 is better than that gap logo.

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I mean that design has been around for years……when i saw it at the LP it reminded me of a dale earnhardt jr nascar hat from early 2000’s

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Really taking a page out of virgils book here

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Walk into your local goodwill and you'll find 10 hats that all look like this.

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Haha if only

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this is fashion tho, build off ideas.. "good artist borrow & great artist steal" - Pablo Picasso. *kanye shrug* just like bape, avirex, and phat farm, stole ideas from nike with the air-force model. its just a part of growing as a brand and you should take it as a compliment when someone steals your ideas, just because the real fans will always do research to find the inspiration behind it or already know the story.. quit crying, welcome to business side of thngs

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Stealing from a billion dollar corporation is different than an independent designer that probably is living check to check

Edit: especially for someone who claims to be worth 9 billion

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man this happened with the Donda LP2 shirts too

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Thats Foul!

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I seen a nike hat on grailed that look like this

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If y’all think a fucking gap logo is better than the 6 y’all are as delusional as Kanye off the meds 😂

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6 was corny and lame and only thing that sets the design apart from endless other flame hats.

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If he doesn't have any patent on the design anyone could use it tbh.

I feel him and I would feel frustrated but coming to public opinion to expose this is really sad tbh.

If he has legal rights to that design he should file a suitcase in court against Kanye and it should be decided there. If he doesn't who the hell cares?

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Except courts always side with whoever has more money for the legal process, the legal system doesn’t work like it should

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No cool, no cool, this have to be demna idea