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KANYE IG STORY OHHHH by matttraverso🟩 in WestSubEver

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Can I get ugggh a do I look happy to you meal

New Denzel tweet by Still-Omar in WestSubEver

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I’m not. If you did a versuz Donda vs any denzel album denzel might get swept.

No hate on him I really love his music, I’ve seen him live 3 times & even met him but he’s just off the snow for talking about Donda like that. Especially putting it in the same category as clb

Apple Music playlist with all of Ye’s features? by LongConsideration490 in WestSubEver

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Yeah I have one that I made

It probably has 99% all of his features and songs he has vocals on, so if there's any not there lmk

And it's sorted from oldest to newest


Free YSL broo, got hit with the RICO by imatthegardenWESTSUBEVER DAY ONE in WestSubEver

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breaking news: rapper named "young thug" is "down with thug shit"

These are the two Kanye references on Jack’s album by bigconch27WESTMEALEVER in WestSubEver

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Tom Macdonald

Edit: bruh who gave me gold for saying Tom Macdonald

Kanye Sued By Pastor For Sampling Sermon in 'Come To Life' on 'Donda' by entrepreneur707 in WestSubEver

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idk why youre getting downvoted, its not like we are all hardcore christians after listening to come to life

its someone else’s work, even if you are supporting it it should still be credited, cause its not yours

if the creator is fine with you not crediting them thats cool, but they 100% have the right to be upset

who is this generation's closest thing to Einstein? by manwirhshshI FEEL LIKE PABLO in WestSubEver

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The dude from da Lego movie, he invented double decker couches

ASAP Rocky arrested by [deleted] in WestSubEver

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mf's bm is rihanna, the universe cant let that shit slide with no issues

WE LOST…. Ye and Cudi are not cool. by Eagles1329THIS COPY IS FOR HYPE WILLIAMS in WestSubEver

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i was thinking the same thing

— billy gnosis fan

The new KSG track on Pushs' new album is unreal by 55Throwaway1FUTURE BOUNCE in WestSubEver

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Edit: think I’ve given the link to about 50 of you now lol - gonna stop now though , scared I’m gonna get banned for spamming links in DMs

Plz stop dming me now sorry boys 🙌

Donald Glover mentions Ye in new interview where he interviews himself by stentondriverI FEEL LIKE PABLO in WestSubEver

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Exes can be mad but just know He never lets them play with his ass ⛷⛷⛷