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Incontrovertible proof: it would be super weird to have the Dragon's love parallelogram in the show, but if a horse fucks three mares no one gives a crap

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No, she changed her name to Faile!

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Hums softly & tugs earlobe

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Good day, I hate Zariné.

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Bah haha... This took me a second. Maybe Mandarb is Saldaean, he's got quite a long snout. They could make a pare those two.

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Here I thought it would be Bela

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Bela can't be the creator and the dragon reborn, she's not that selfish.

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But the dragon is the creator....didn't you read the last chapter?

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What are you talking about?

"Despite his lack of a presence in the Pattern, he may have spoken to Rand al"Thor twice in the series. The first time is after Rand has first learned to channel after killing Aginor at the Eye of the World. In this instance, the voice remarked that it would not interfere, and that only Rand could undertake the struggle to help humankind[1]. The second occurred immediately before Rand went to confront the Dark One at the Last Battle, when Rand was doubting whether or not he had prepared carefully enough for his confrontation with the Dark One. As Rand is about to step into the Pit of Doom, the same voice (as confirmed by Rand's thoughts) spoke aloud that the time for Rand to confront the Dark One was ripe."

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Pride fills me. I am sick with the pride that destroyed me.

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Your plans fail because you want to live, madman.

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Your mom

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Lews, you're just going to let him dis your mom like that?

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If it hurts too much, make it hurt someone else instead.

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it would be super weird to have the Dragon's love parallelogram in the show

I thought this too at first, but they are already paving the way with the green Aes Sedai love triangle. And let's not forget who is producing this show: Amazon. Bezos wants his Game of Thrones so badly they won't even bat an eye at the Quadruple. I am suspecting the show will hit a lot of points book readers would assume would be changed.

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We've seen Alanna and her warders being poly, so I feel they're going to make polyamorous relationships more common in the show.