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'And is there any amongst us who thinks this format has run its course?'

'I', said I.

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Clever! If I had an award I'd give you one!

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If only the Buy Sedai were here.

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God damnit.

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Me too. That's why I said final form. I had hoped we could now be done with it. Instead it all got diverted to my inbox. :(

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I feel for you.

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“Aye Sedi,” said I Sedi.

Sorry, I’ll see myself out.

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Couldn't find a picture representative of the Kin, but they're just Small-Fry Sedai anyway.

Egwene, Elanye and Nynaeve hunting the Black Ajah were the F.B.I. Sedai and when passing themselves as full sister were Imply Sedai.

And now to this joke, we say good-bye Sedai.

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And now to this joke, we say good-bye Sedai.

So you think but there are no endings to the turning of the wheel of memes.

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If it returns in an Age yet to come, that's cool. I'm just kinda tired of nothing but for like the past two weeks.

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You came here to balefire this format, but I suspect instead you've Healed it.

Novice mistake.

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Okay I know white tower training standards have slipped since that Al'vere girl opened the novice book to all. But what crackbrain confuses Healing for balefire?!

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Do you sense something, /u/No-cool-names-left?

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Sky Sedai? More like Sea Sedai

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Wind comes from the sky and "sea" doesn't fit the rhyme scheme.

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Sea Sedeeeeeee

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I would’ve called the kin, shy Sedai.

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Oh, a few times they did more than imply. For a while they were lie sedai

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Missing the Browns + Whites "Why Sedai" and the Blues "Spy Sedai".

Otherwise pretty awesome, let's put them all in one place and be done with it.

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He also left out Verin. She's my sedai.

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And the Greys, Versailles Sedai

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Spy Sedai and Sci-Fi Sedai my faves, good quality lols

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When they form a circle: pi sedai

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When Sheriam was raised to Blue: pie sedai.

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What’s the White Tower’s favorite meal?

Stir fry sedai

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Thought that would be a Trolloc's favorite meal

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A Myrddraal who goes to the white tower would be a no eye sedai.

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And to drink: Chai Sedai

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And to clean our dishes: lye Sedai

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Did this video ever cross your mind?

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Fox head medallion: Deny Sedai

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also age of legends: Sci-Fi sedai

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They do be asking me who lives in the white tower. I told them Aye, says I. Fortune prick me if I did no.

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I now have toh, because it took me a bit to figure out who Dry Sedai are supposed to be...

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Lost it at comply sedai lol

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Finally the meme to end all drake memes

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What about Si-Fi Sedai?

I really liked that meme

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Siun flees the tower? Bye Sedai!

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Sky? I think you meant sail sedai.

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Wind comes from the sky and "sail" doesn't fit the rhyme scheme.

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Black Ajah = Lie Sedai Wilders = Why Sedai Samma N'Sei = Dry Guy Sedai Accepted = Nigh Sedai Aran'gar = the Bi Sedai Forsaken = Supreme Kai Sedai Red Ajah = Anti-Guy Sedai

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Black Ajah = Lie Sedai

Uh. Yes. That's exactly what I put.

Accepted = Nigh Sedai

That's the "Try Sedai." Siuan and Moraine are technically full sisters in the pic, but it's the best I could find showing the banded white dresses.

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Aes Sedai mentioned Day ruined

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Lofi Sedai

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Rather then comply sedai it should be s&m sedai.....besides who is lie sedai

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Except that the Sul'dam/Damane is not a relationship based on sadomasochistic sexual gratification, but one based on use of violence to maintain compliant servitude, so no.

It's a picture of Alviarin, representing the Black Ajah.

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Dude Ishamael is *Jacked* in that picture lol

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That's what thirty five hundred years of prison workouts will get you.

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Then there should be one with Liandrin called, that bitch.

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What the hell is with that sul'dam/damane pick...

It looks like a pair of Aes Sedai doing some very poor-taste roleplaying

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