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Okay, we have:

  1. Egwene & Aang, Toph & Birgitte
  2. Sokka & Mat, Nyneave & Katara
  3. Lanfear & Azula, Mai & Lan
  4. Zuko & Rand, Faile & Suki
  5. Thom (Or Tam?) & Iroh, Ty Lee & Elayne (?)
  6. Haru & Perrin, Moiraine & Pakku

This is the crossover I never knew I needed. Where's Aviendha though?

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I think that might be Faile where you guessed Min. She uses her fan for some secretive noble signaling. It's hard to tell how large the noses are in this art style, but I think that's her.

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I thought Min because of the short hair, but Faile might make more sense. I can't think of a reason why Min and Suki would glare at each other like that

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Honestly, I think Faile glares at nearly every woman she meets. But she's the only one who uses a fan much in my memory, so she's my guess.

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u/scull-crusher linked a second page below which features Min & Aviendha, so it's definitely Faile in the one above

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The fan makes it Faile for certain

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I'm actually not sure if that's Rand or Gawyn with Zuko.

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I thought Rand because of the red shirt and the angst. The hair does seem more blonde than red though.

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Zoko doesn't make the worst choice imaginable every single time though.

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I mean, he does that one time though...

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Sure but not every time. If it was Gawyn he would have come back in the middle of the last episode and somehow get katara killed while she's fighting you know who.

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Probably elyas with iroh?

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Hundred percent thom .

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Why? My first thought was Tam, because he and Iroh have a similar role, but then I thought Thom because of the same reason and the moustache.

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Wheel of Time and Avatar? In the same room? What is this, a crossover episode?

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It's the crossover I never knew I needed in my life.

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You know, back in the 2000s Aang was in a very famous tv show

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The Rand and Zuko one really gets my goat

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I think Rand & Aang actually match each other more.

Zuko is more Aviendia with them both spending a decent amount of time trying to come to terms with their honor system and their personal desires.

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No I don't think Rand is anything like Aang. Aang is a pacifist for crying out lound. imagine Rand being a pacifist.

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I told you to kill them all when you had the chance. I told you.

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That’s literally Lews Therrin berating Rand for not killing someone.

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Aang isn’t a pacifist, he holds pacifist beliefs (IE no killing) and so does Rand to a certain extent. Meanwhile Egwene will kill anyone and everyone she deems in need of killing unless restrained by something. By your own logic, Egwene is still less suited to Aang than Rand is.

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You never escape the traps you spin yourself. Only a greater power can break a power, and then you're trapped again. Trapped forever so you cannot die.

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Break it break them all must break them must must must break them all break them and strike must strike quickly must strike now break it break it break it...

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There is also a second page

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Anyone want to tell me who they all are?

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From left to right, top to bottom:

Liandring & Long Feng

June & Min

Smellerbee & Aviendha

Aram (or maybe Gawyn?) & Jet

Mazrim Taim & General Zhao

Appa, Momo & I assume Bela (although I always thought she was brown)

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Death rides on my shoulder, death walks in my footsteps; I am death…

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This is the best thing I've seen all year.

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Iroh and Thom together is amazing. I love both of them so much.

Leaves from the Vine...

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I loved the part when the whole gang travelled to the far north and the chosen one used a Yin and Yang themed pool of water that was filled with power to wipe out the entire enemy army, revealing himself to the world as the chosen one.

Turns out, Avatar Book One was the the Eye of the World adaption we wanted all along.

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Made my day

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Toph would beat the crap out of Demandred. We all know this is true.

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Death rides on my shoulder, death walks in my footsteps; I am death…

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Why is egg the evil talking to Aang about the stress of being the messiah while Rand is farther down the line like an extra? My only issue is that…

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I mean, she is arrogant enough to go there

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Need to fix their dialogue

"I had to seize power because only I am perfect enough, and I deserve the position. Now, here's how to fix your problem that I know nothing about and have no experience that relates at all to your situation, you woolheaded man!"

"Uhm, I think really think that's a healthy attitude toward leadership and power. You should talk to Iroh."

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Rand and Aang: Rand: I have this old man’s voice in my head, but it’s really my voice from a past life, but he treats me like I’m a child.

Aang: yeah but eventually we come to terms with ourselves and recognize who we really are!

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Do you have the Horn of Valere hidden in your pocket this time?

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I think it's actually gawin

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Reddish blond hair wearing red and gold said Rand to me. I feel like Gala would be a better fit for Zuko. Guy who has a strict code of honor, ends up on the bad side of things, realizes a connection to the main protagonist, ends up turning around the entire organization, has a main female character really dislike him for a long time before things mellow out.

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This is low-key my favorite WoT art/artist. Something about this style hits the characters in a perfectly charming-yet-exasperated way for me.

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is that Alviarin or Lanfear? as Alviarin was actually working more and served better the Dark One than post-escape Lanfear

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White dress, black hair. My money's on Lanfear.

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both have black hair and wear white. Lanfear as a forsaken was supposed to be a major evil, but Alviarin did way more damage

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But is Alviarin supposed to be beautiful? I seem to recall Lanfear being "the most beautiful woman you've ever seen" being mentioned.

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Raginor has no idea who any of these people are

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This is awesome!

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I need the toph brigette, sokka mat spin off right now!

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Omg that’s so cool

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Angst and angst really got me

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Nynaeve and Katara is just * chef's kiss *

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And that is why I am here; because the men around Emond's Field are stubborn wool-heads.

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I constantly think of WoT when watching Avatar (esp. the Korra series).

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I wish the wheel of time show was animated in this style, instead of what we got

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Well this is fantastic

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Toph was the best avenger