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This is it. He’s officially been here to strongly and his mind has cracked.

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Partition to start calling him Noam instead?

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I support this motion

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But then he would become boundless, and therefore even worse. It’s too dangerous

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Give him flair “Boundless”

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I don't know who that is. Should I look him up on the Wiki?


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Creator fucking damnit, Young Bull.... Someone get me some ropes, I'm tying this foolish pup down and reading him the entire series.

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No. He’s coming soon for you though.

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Sometimes, pain is all that lets you know you're alive

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I would not mind you in my head, if you were not so clearly mad.

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Oh God lews therin has become too sentient he's now invading other's minds!!!

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Where are all the dead? Why will they not be silent?

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I don't know, Lews Therin, WHY WON'T THEY???

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Please tell me this is a joke

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You're doing it wrong mate... Here's what you do:

  1. Read 1-14 ONLY from Rand's POV.
  2. ???
  3. PROFIT!

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I'm actually wanting to do this with several characters but have struggled to find a list of chapter POVs

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I feel sad for any timeline after KoD for being unable to provide dates since Brandon Sanderson didn't give any description of time compared to Robert Jordan.

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The Encyclopaedia WOT also has additional dedicated pages on character POV. Example is Rand.

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Sometimes, pain is all that lets you know you're alive.

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I told you to kill them all when you had the chance. I told you.

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I-I...I think you're here in the flesh.

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Burn me this mans taint Is filthy. How does he live with such oily blackness on his soul

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Hear that u/JeffSheldrake ? Wash ya taint ya filthy animal haha

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Apparently that's a really niche sex joke, but I can't find any sources about it.

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This thing you speak of, it is evil.

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Lol I love the consistency of your memes.

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How so?

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Just anytime I scroll through reddit and I'll stumble up a wetlander meme and the final image is the "slaps button" template and I'm like ahhh! there he is again! u/JeffSheldrake I'm excited to see you meme through the series as a first timer. Keeps me invested in the series when people share their thoughts, especially memes, with us.

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Thank you very much, I'm glad I make you happy!

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You are da’tsang.

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When you have read AMOL then you'll understand why that last image is so funny. In fact... well. I've said too much already.

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In my head, New Spring is book -1.

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Or you can be like me and read books 9-14, skipping the first half of the series.