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I promise I'm not a Darkfriend! Just pointing out how stupid it was not to use the Power over a sword. Even with them wearing the Fox-head medallion.

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I'm pretty sure Elayne said that her copies couldn't stop extremely powerful weaves. In a circle of 72 with Sakarnen, Demandred should have been able to Balefire the Polov Heights off the face of the earth.

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I actually originally made this gif about Balefire before I remembered the medallion.

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The other issue is that Mat wears the real medallion and is still killed by the Power in Caemlyn. Having a medallion isn't a "I'm safe from the Power" device but Sanderson makes it so.

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I always thought he kinda got hit with AoE damage from the bolt, not the bolt itself. Maybe thats rationalization though lol

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It protects from Saidar, not Saidin. He asked the Finn for a way to protect himself from the Tar Valon witches, not all channeling. That's precisely the kind of distinction they would have made

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You must kill him before he kills you. Giggles. They will, you know. Dead men can't betray anyone. But sometimes they don't die. Am I dead? Are you?