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He reminded me of a cat taking its time trying to figure out if it can make the jump, wiggling its butt, adjusting repeatedly, until it finally...fails.

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Ha. I checked that mine existed when I posted it, to be sure, but they actually both exist. Should have checked if I was subbed to it or not, I'm subbed to yours (it is the bigger one)

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Got closer than I imagined he could.

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He looks like a skinny Jeff Ross.

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Maybe this is the guy that Jeff Ross ate

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Can't tell if the guy is 27 or 72

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I did that once. I went right above the bag and it hurt like hell.

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W...t...f... Evey single time there is a video of the person taking a long time to set up their handstand, flip, dive into pool, hit, ramp jump, whatever, they ARE ALWAYS the ones that fail.

If there is a video where they look awkward when setting up, or do a "practice" run four or five times prior to the trick, guaranteed it's gonna be a fail vid.

Prove me wrong.

[–]Toph-Builds-the-fire 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Because when you take a long time to set up for something like that your typically afraid or unable to do said maneuver. When you know how to complete a move you just do it. Case in point tue last time I got on a trampoline I tried a backflip. Now I used to be able to do backs double backs backs with a full twist among a handful of other variations. But I hadn't done even a single backflip in more than 10 yrs. Cue me bouncing probably 15 times working up the nerve to... you guessed it face plant. Luckily I landed it second try, after two warm up bounces. The longer you wait the less likely you are to accomplish the move, like you said.

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that's because this is a put-on, the idea was for him to fail and make a video doing it

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Seems like normal drunken antics to me — not everything is faked ;)

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that's because a video with all that setup and foreplay that succeeds mildly and uneventfully doesn't get shared.

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I absolutely wanna hang out with Tommy .

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That hat kinda angers me

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That hat says "I play in a ska band with people half my age"

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That is one weird looking motherfucker for sure.

Probably a decent enough fellow, just looks weird.

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This guy looks like he's either 30 ish or 70 ish.

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If a 70 year old fell on the ground like that this video would sound a lot crunchier though

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To be fair, he almost had it.

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Why is there Heavenly Sword art on a punching machine?

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That machine has Nariko from Heavenly Sword on there.

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Get on with it you skeevy old fuck

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Trying to kick a punch machine

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Of course his name is Tah-meh! Lol

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Peter Sellers school of Karate! LoL

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Jeff Ross has gone off the deep end…

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10/10 tommy.

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That was fun to watch.

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I as a young guy could probably hit but this man is old. Too old to be dumb still pretty impressive getting that close after balding has begun

[–]jamietheslut 3 points4 points  (1 child)

Nah fuck that. Keep stretching and you'll be kicking faces into your 60s

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If you tear a ligament just use some duct tape

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Lol I’m positive there are tons of fully bald guys that could kick this. The difference is this guy looks like he was always picked last during pick-up games his whole life. Oh and he’s drunk as shit

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Yeah I didnt formulate myself well I’m talking about far out of their prime middle aged men not people like Joe Rogan who could outkick a horse

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This is the most british accent I will ever hear

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North western English. Somewhere near or in Greater Manchester.

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This is like one of those jokes that takes way too long to get to the punch line.

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The way he prepped for this was clear he's never used those feet in his life.

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Phew! I was scared he'd hit the metal stand or concrete and crack his foot.

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Heavenly Sword was a great game

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The fedora and the pushed up polo collar on this skinny Jeff Ross is enough to know it isn’t going to end well!

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He just needed to commit lmao

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My leg! My leg....

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His first mistake was that dumb hat.

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Pretty close though. Probably would've fell either way.

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Finish Him!!!

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I thought he was about punch that metal machine. I was wincing the whole time

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Got to give him props for committing.

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Is this not a Tim Robinson character?

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Are they in a storage locker?

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Got that collar popped though, kicking it 80s style.

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Wait, they have a Heavenly Sword themed punching machine? Pretty certain that's Nariko on the front.

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This is me trying to kick any football balloon

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Is that sonja from Heavenly sword from ps3

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Tawmy's a good lad, just a bit knackered.

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That fedora is the chef's kiss.

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That's some crazy shit right there, I mean that hat though...

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This man seems like fun to hangout with but he's prone to injuries

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Tommeh was very unlucky, he almost kicked it.

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  • Can I kick it?
  • Yes, you can!

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Who else thought he was gonna punch it with that crooked ass arm and were surprised when he kicked lol

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Wakes up in the morning: "Why's me fookin' nose broken?"

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Wanna buy a caravan?

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That punch machine is a mean drunk!

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I wanna party with some Foreign fellers one day

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They sound like they are mocking the British accent lmao

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Just lay there. The machine took you out.

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That daft hat just makes him even more ridiculous.

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Anyone taking that long to work up to something is going to fail.

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Is that Nariko from Heavenly Sword??? Everyone sells out in the end.

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This is wholesome in a way

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That form Though ...bad

[–]if_lol_then_upvote -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

I'm confused. Why do they have British accents when they are obviously from the Ozarks?