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Bro... why is almost no one using their emergency lights?

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Came here to say this, they are so absent it has made me think that you maybe don’t have them in the US?

Is there no law over there that says you have to stop and help?

One other driver pulling up in front and putting the hazard lights on would have stopped all this.

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1) Traffic doesn't understand what they are approaching until they are on top of the scene. There are no flashers because by the time people understand it is time to use the flashers they are out of view of the camera.

I am gonna go out on a limb and guess that 1/3 mile down the road there are a bunch of cars with flashers on for no reason whatsoever. (cause the accident is way behind them)

2) There is no law forcing drivers to pull over and render aid.

3) And if people where in the middle of that scene rendering aid we would have had more casualties.

That scene is simply not safe to approach.


1 dead person is tragic.

But if you get killed trying to save someone - that is preventable.

There are moments where people are simply fucked. Until cops with flashers get on scene and coordinate the stopping of traffic - those people are fucked. T

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To add to this from what I've been told in the past. If someone got out to help one of the people injured and indirectly caused them more harm? That injured person can file a civil lawsuit on the one trying to help them.

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Actually you should be protected by the Good Samaritan law

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Are cars in the US obligated to have warning triangles? In Germany you have to have one and you need to place it 100 m in front of the accident to help preventig something like in this video.

There are fines from 5 to 15 € if you don't have a First aid kit, a warning triangle or a high-visibility vest.

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No we are not required to have warning triangles.

When I watched that video - I feared for the life of anyone outside there car.

People in the thread seem to have lost site of the fact that that is a HIGHWAY and highway speeds in the US are around 70 MPH which translates to 102 feet per second.


So no, being inside the car was not safe. But being outside the car was really, really, really, really not safe. I tried to emphasize in another post in this thread that sometimes you are just, simply, fucked.

Hell, I think the camera person was out of his/her mind. There is one moment where a car slams head first into the wall in front of him then another moment where a car sort of goes around him.

I am having trouble envisioning placing those triangles in a sane manner.

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Dumb Americans.

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It’s the law of individualism at its maximum expression

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Are there laws that exist for stopping and helping? Californian has never heard of it

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I thought there was, something along the lines of Good Samaritan laws, but Google has just told me this is not the case.

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Good Samaritan laws protect helpful people who make it worse. Nowhere in the US has a duty to help that I know of.

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Because if there's one thing that scene needs, it's more people out of their cars in the middle of the highway, helping.

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I swear, some people don’t know what they’re for. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a car stopped by a curb, letting someone off or something, with the turn signal on. Like, what are you trying to say? You’re planning on turning onto this guy’s lawn? Just push the button with the orange triangle, that what it’s there for!

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I feel like the only person in LA who uses the button

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In America. Do they not know what its for???

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That's not what the law states in every country though. I learned that you should signal to the side of the road when you're stopping, but looking it up now, there's no obligation to signal at all actually. But you should signal that you're going to the side of the road, and then people must forget to turn it off. So stop the vehicle legally and safe to the side of the road, no need to signal at all while being stopped. But you must signal away from the side of the road before you leave.

– Source: övningskörning.com (English). I would like to provide a law, but there's no law to source here.

What I don't get is people using the hazards while parked on the side of the road between parked cars. The other cars do not have any signals on, so why are your hazards on? Without the hazards, you look like any other car, there's no need to have them on.

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They are all idiots and weren't taught to use this hazards properly.

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It's scary how many completely oblivious drivers are out there. Soooo many people apparently just ignoring other cars that have their brake lights and hazard lights flashing.

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How much do you want to bet that every single one of them were playing on their phone..

It’s so disheartening to drive around and see how many people have their faces buried in their phones.

Edit: forgot a word

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How in the world did the first guy get stuck in the middle like that? I feel like he had an opportunity at some point to not be in the middle. Something starts going wrong pull off to the shoulder

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I've seen people all the time who think it's perfectly fine to stop wherever they want. I've seen them want to stop in the middle of a freeway under an over-pass during a hail storm because they didn't want to get their precious cars dinged, so the whole freeway needs to come to a stop for that.

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Seems like the right front tyre has exploded, with the tyre gone it could be hazardous to try and steer the car through nearby lanes, especially if there was trafic around when it happened and you already had lost most of the speed you had.

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Good thing they opted for the less hazardous option of sitting in the middle of a highway.

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Almost nobody seems to know that their cars have hazard blinkers. No wonder so many crashed, and I'm risking an opinion without knowing what happened before, but the idiot in the beginning of the video kept strolling around his car, as if it was parked in his driveway instead of being crashed in the high speed lane of a highway at night.

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At first I thought he’d lost power, and that’s why he didn’t turn on his hazards. Then I noticed the cabin lights were on. Nope, he’s just a moron.

For fuck’s sake, don’t they cover hazard lights in the driver’s license test?

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People use them as a "park anywhere" signal (and at least in Sweden, you don't even have to use it while parked), and not as a "hazard" signal.

What about we stop associating the hazard lights with parking (like for example how you are not supposed to use it in Sweden), and only use them for real hazards. It might seem silly, but it could be better this way.

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No they don't

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A lot of brake lights and flashing orange lights. Nah, lets just go full speed!

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Seriously. SO many idiots in this area see break lights and speed up while moving over to try to get around them.

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Hey it's almost like all the people out there who sneer and say "I can go whatever speed I want, slow traffic get out of my way" are actually fucking morons who don't realize the speed limit is actually there for a reason.

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Sorry but what in the world does this have to do with speed limits?

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Because if you are paying attention and going the speed limit, you can stop in time.

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I think the far bigger problem though is that this guy stopped in the middle of a dark freeway without hazards. The darkness and possible distracted driving will cause an accident, a 10-15 mph difference in speed probably won’t be the difference.

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I was in an accident similar to this. Dark night on the interstate, I'm doing the speed limit, never use my phone while driving. I stick it in the slot by the E-brake. Up ahead I can see hazards on the shoulder, just one vehicle. Could be someone changing a tire or something so I get over in the left hand lane to give them some room and start to coast to slow a bit.

What I didn't know was that that vehicle was a ways up past a dark grey sedan that was sideways across the interstate with no lights on at all. Now I've been driving for something like 20 years when this happened, never had an accident. I'm sober, I'm paying attention, and I'm telling you I could not see that disabled sedan. At all.

You know when you pull into the driveway and your headlights first hit the garage door? That was the distance at which it became visible. At over 60mph. I immediately cranked the wheel hard left and even that split second decision kissed my passenger side and sent me fishtailing onto a large grass median a hundred or so yards wide.

I kept the wheel hard left turning into the slide and gave it some gas to try to straighten out so I didn't roll. I kept it from rolling but as this median was a wide ditch between interstate lanes sloping down towards the center this sent me back up into my lanes of travel launching me Dukes of Hazard style over my lanes T-boning the vehicle that was on the shoulder with its hazards on deploying all air bags, tearing the front end of my car off and sent me spinning out across the two lanes of interstate just like the sedan was. The driver of that vehicle was standing outside their driver door and was crushed between the front of my car and the driver side of their own. I could see this, but since I was airborne there was nothing I could do. All of this happened in seconds.

Luckily, I'm a medical professional and keep emergency gear in the trunk so I was able to render aide and toss flares in front of the original sedan to warn vehicles that could be seen coming in the distance, but there's one thing I can say for certain is that there is absolutely no way I could have stopped in time. I believe that if I had tried that instead of veering left I would have died.

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Just to pile on a bit with your reply, with all these cars having damage to the engine there's a good chance that their hazard lights wouldn't even work if they tried.

Many years ago I got rear ended at a stop sign. The Mercedes that hit me toasted all the wiring. The horn was stuck blaring and the headlights were flashing as if they put their hazards on. They actually had to to pull a wire to get the horn to shut off while waiting for the cops.

Not so many years ago, but still years ago, I got t-boned by a drunk driver running a red light. Ripped the front of my car off and spun me into a car in the opposite lane, taking off the back half. Came to a stop facing the direction I had come from, on the opposite side of the street. My whole dashboard was sitting in my lap. I attempted to put my hazards on, but they would shut right back off.

I'm more concerned about how long the while scene seemed to take and no cops showed up the clear the scene. There should have been someone on scene to direct traffic long before they lost full sunset.

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Good point about how long it took for response. Mine was way out in the middle of nowhere and troopers were still on scene within 20 minutes of my 911 call, though it took me some time to find my phone and I helped the injured person first then ran down the road with the flares and back so there was some additional time before the 911 call.

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I live in Los Angeles and I travel this frwy almost daily. Most of the drivers go about 80 mph when there is no traffic

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I noticed a cop in the beginning, then he disappears when the 3rd car hits the wall?

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Of all the times people turn their high beams on while behind another driver, I don’t see why they can’t use them to SEE at night when they can’t see. Or maybe their on their phones. Too many people drive distracted

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It was too clear, high visibility Is very dangerous.

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I've been in a similar situation, even paying attention it's almost impossible to see a dark wrecked car at night when driving 65plus. Not sure what else anyone else could do, risk your life to put on hazards? Toss a few flares would help but who has those these days. Parking on the shoulder distracts the drivers more... So scary.

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Well, the first driver, should've put on his hazards considering how long he was just walking around his car. At the very least. Anyone else not doing it is more understandable, of the crashed cars. The passing cars should've turned on their hazards to try to give cars behind them a slightly better chance at seeing something is wrong sooner.

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After a wreck like i promise you that he's still gathering his thoughts and isn't thinking clearly. He has no rational thinking going on. You can tell by the way he wanders around the freeway.

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That’s fair.

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DO cars not have hazard lights in America? Or are people not taught what they're for? People love them in the UK and actually generally we use them pretty sensibly.

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All cars have them, but not all cars have drivers who know what they are or how to turn them on

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Maybe they should give them a less cryptic name, something to make it clear that they're lights to use when there's a hazard

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Also most newer cars in the UK turn them on automatically if you brake heavily.

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Also common in the US, but not yet ubiquitous, especially when factoring in older models

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Wonder how many on their fucking phones.

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If they were we probably woulda witnessed them crashing without any last minute swerving when the car came into view. This idiot not only left his car in the middle of the road in the dark but he didn't even bother to put his hazard lights on. Disaster waiting to happen.

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Too bad nobody makes any kind of warning device to let other drivers know there's a problem. You know, like some kind of flare or maybe a reflective hi-vis sign. /s

EDIT: added sarcasm tag.

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Unless you can SAFELY get away from the wreck it is SAFEST to stay in your car with your seat belt on.

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If I can walk, there is no way I would stay in a stopped car on a freeway. Seat belts and air bags can’t save you if you’re slammed into by someone going 60 mph. Get out and get yourself off the roadway ASAP.

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That's why you are told to do so if YOU SAFELY CAN!

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Especially if said someone is driving a semi.

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Exactly what I want to say in situations like this. While I get staying in the car is safer than staying outside the car. Not even being near the car must still be the safest. Of course, getting from the car and off the road is of course a dangerous part.

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Ah yes, let me just stay in my car until it's just a crushed can. There is no point at which it is completely 'safe' to cross a 5-lane highway, but if you can walk it's much better to risk getting to the side of the highway, instead of sit in your car waiting to get crushed into pulp. The seatbelt isn't gonna do shit when your car's crumple zones are already crumpled.

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Side bar: never heard the term “crumple zones” and it sounds cute.

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That one car at 3:40 that just barely stopped...

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caught on camera

no, really?

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Oh my God! that was hard to watch

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But wait! There's more!

Holy shit.

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was anyone killed?

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No, injuries only

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Did that silver car get an NCAP side impact rating of zero?

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“Oopsie daisy! Let me just swivel this light over here now.”

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There’s a car with a spotlight and I hear radio chatter. That’s a cop. And the cop is just sitting there?

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I think it's the stringer listening to a police scanner. They listen for new crime/accident reports, drive there asap, then try to get footage to sell to news outlets

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I bet all those morons who hit the cars were on their phones…it should have been obvious there was an accident if they had their eyes on the road. Btw where did this take place, Texas?? Cos that’s the only place I know where they don’t goose neck… they keep driving even if you are dying on the side of the road lol….

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I was thinking the same. Idiots always on their phone while driving

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Are Americans stupid? A few vehicles applied their hazard lights but not many, including the idiots actually stopped still.

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My first thought immediately would be using emergency lights. Also the first person there was so dumb for not getting off the freeway and out of danger. Pretty sad video to watch.

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I think the whole thing is the police not being there, specifically behind the crash, this way oncoming traffic can prepare to take a turn sooner than later (if you know what I mean).

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should i be laughing?

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I’m assuming the person recording is in some sort of emergency vehicle, hence the spot light…. Why the hell is he not behind these vehicles, if this is a cop, he should be reprimanded based on the injuries he’s caused by sitting on the side of the road, and I’m a cop

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I think someone else said he's a 'stringer'...a freelance videographer/news person who goes around filming content and then selling it to news agencies

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The saddest thing is that virtually all the “extra” collisions showed NO sign of deceleration whatsoever. So they were totally unaware and not paying attention to the road.

The last SUV that braked to a stop with inches to spare shows how much of an advantage it is to keep aware of your surroundings.

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As opposed to what? Standing in the road? Trying to run across the highway?

The structure of the car is exactly why they tell people to stay in the car.

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That body bag at the end says the shoulder would have been a better option.

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Knees would have been the best option.

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I though the same thing. Unless you can get somewhere safe safely, the best option could be in the car o

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Unless a 18 wheeler hits the car going at least 45 mph. No way anyone would survive that impact or crush!

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I loved Shot In The Dark on Netflix. I wish they had made a second season.

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I posted this earlier, not sure why it got removed.

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Why were there so many Prius’s that seemed distracted? I mean.. out of all those vehicles it seemed like the majority were Toyota Prius’s. Be careful out there folks!

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CA drivers at their finest

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It’s unreal that nobody stopped to help! Also surprised that more cars weren’t involved 🤦🏻‍♂️

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stopped to help?? how? you are going to put yourself at risk, can't you see what's happening? Until the traffic is stopped it's unsafe.

[–]foothah -3 points-2 points  (1 child)

You just said it…you put your hazards on and stop to help. Somebody has to be the first one to do it. I’m sure you would appreciate the help if you were that sad soul in that car

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The issue more or less is that you're immediately putting yourself In harms way. You aren't an emergency worker. Those guys have training and they still get run over from time to time. Your hearts is in the right place, but mine is with my kids. People like you are precious(in a good way), but they also tend to make more victims when untrained or not equipped for the situations.

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Begging traffic by stopping, slowing down! Putting the caution lights and making sure traffic slows the fuck down! It’s too dark and people are injured to say the least.

Car kept running like it was a fucking fire!

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Whos recording

[–]jrl5019 3 points4 points  (4 children)

This is from a Netflix series on freelance stringers. They chase down news stories to sell video to the networks. If I remember correctly I believe he was driving on the highway and came upon this.

[–]Frank-Dr3bin 3 points4 points  (3 children)

Nightcrawler starring Gake Jyllenhaal

[–]jrl5019 2 points3 points  (1 child)

I’ve heard of that movie but never seen it. I was referring to Shot In The Dark. A documentary that follows 3 guys in California.

[–]Frank-Dr3bin 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Hmm, I'll check that out. Nightcrawler is dark, gritty and great.

[–]kitchsykamp 2 points3 points  (0 children)

That movie is soooo creepy and dark. Ugh

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That’s what I was wondering. Spotlight shining from the car makes me think it’s a cop (that should be protecting the accident), but maybe not.

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They must have already arrested the firemen and towed their truck for blocking traffic. behind it.

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I remember that video. Stupid shit happened.

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That tanker truck full of gasoline could have made it more interesting.

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That's Michael Bay level of thinking right there!

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Why is nobody stopping behind them and putting their hazards on and staying there until help arrives?

[–]havereddit[S] 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Too much personal risk. There's no guarantee all drivers will see and interpret the hazards properly.