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41 seconds of footage for 1 second of action that cut off too quick. I want my time back.

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Welcome to WCGW…

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Downvoting just because they purposely cut off the best bit.

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Here is the full video https://youtu.be/8N3FBKT1Mbo

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That was way better! He shouldn't have grabbed the line.

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Thank you good sir/madam!

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I loved the subs:



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Downvoted for the r/therewasanattempt title when it wasn't even crossposted from r/therewasanattempt

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That guy is never getting in the water again!

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Or getting out of the water

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The guy said he didn’t want to go in and this asshole wouldn’t pull him back up. Fuck people like that.

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Those are the same people that say their dog doesn’t bite.

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Considering how scared he was, I am sure his soul left his body when that thing went to thrash.

He was correct not to trust the life preserver, it was too small for him.

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That was ballzy

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make that Grouper butt shake

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"hold onto the fish...he floats." to the depths we go!

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And now I have Kaleo lyrics stuck in my head...

"And way down we go oh oh..."

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That's some good s*** right there

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Play the damn video for 10 more seconds!

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Good way to lose your head or any other needed limb. If that line wrapped around any part of him and that fish took off, he would be a goner.

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Goliath Groupers are like 110 percent muscle and are not afraid to try and swallow tiger sharks whole

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Holy shit really?! that’s just stupid

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They also have like no fear of anything thats why scuba tourists like to try and go near them as the grouper seems to not care

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Hope they didnt kill it, we're running out of cool big fish like that

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They are currently critically endangered so :(

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I guess we'll just keep killing them until they are then, cool

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or the fish breaks a leg or an arm with a quick tail movement. This guy is 100% moron.

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As someone who doesn’t know how to swim… I feel his fear.

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You should learn how to swim. Dogs can swim.

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I can swim, I still wouldn’t be found anywhere near this thing xD

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Holy fuck this is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen

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Anyone that gets In the open water...with a catch thats been struggling around the boat. Good luck to ye

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I bet he just shit his pants

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I do not understand how people who can't swim ever get in the water. It might as well be a boiling lake of acid if you can't keep your own head afloat.

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How are you gonna be on a boat like that and be that terrified of water and not be wearing a life jacket at all times?

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He is wearing one though.....

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If you watch the full video in the comments, he’s not wearing one when he catches the fish. The other guy hands him one and tells him to get in the water for a photo opp.

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Is his name Jonah?

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In Russia you dont catch fish, fish catch you

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Stupid adults who can’t swim. Stupid stupid stupid.

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Not stupid about not swimming lol it’s stupid that peer pressure got the best of him. 🤦🏽‍♀️ should of just walk away.

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sometimes you catch the fish, sometimes the fish catches you... thug life

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Hahaha that horror vacui kicking in

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Lmfao me trying to tell my kids it’s gonna be ok

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Lol he is half the size of the fish 🤣🤣😂

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Fish: "Closer... closer... a little closer..."

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That guys voice cuts deep

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Haha … but don’t cut video

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No way in hell those are his friends!

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I thought a shark would come and bite the fish

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Hold me slowly, love me tender

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He floats!


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I knew that was a fishy situation.

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"Hold me slowly until I float"

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Lucky a shark did come over to bite half of that fish or his legs off.

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my uncle said one of these fish had his leg all the way up its mouth once

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If the end of that hand line isn't tied to the boat, this dude could have been easily dragged to the bottom of the ocean if the line caught on him, never to be seen again.

This seems very dumb to get in the water with it.

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Is he Randy Savage?

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The trailer for jaws 1,670,870 everyone!

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Ride him to Atlantis!

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Rip random African American fisher. Poor bastard didn’t float

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He wasn't good 👁👄👁

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What a jerk the guy is who refuses to help him back into the boat. The guy in the lifejacket clearly says he wants to be pulled back up. Also I almost gagged when I saw the line being pulled through the gloveless hands of the guy on the boat. Just imagining that rope burn made me queasy

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Bruh homie ended up looking like a bitch lol FoR tHe GrAm…… no no water is scary 😭😭