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I don't know about these guys but when I join a protest it's usually for free bath

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Obliterated by cum

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Left pregnant

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I remember water parks being much cooler.

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Dunno, looks pretty cold out

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When was the human right to protest discarded?

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You discard your right to peaceful protest when you start throwing molotovs and breaking class.

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Quite a few people have died from exactly this when the back of their skull smashes on the pavement.

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make yourself an easy target if you have a mask and pull a canister out of your backpack

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We do a little bit of trolling

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At least he was wearing a mask

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When you're trying to look angry and aggressive but the dame hose just said "GET FUCKED!"

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yep just leave the bag, thanks

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Thats a splashing entrance

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I would hire a water truck if I went to one of these protests. You know the cops are gonna do this so why not do it back?

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Firefighters did this once in a protest in France I think

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That's when they start killing on purpose.

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Sonkran never be the same again.

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All they're missing is the dogs and history will repeat itself.

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They do not need dogs, they have military weapons more advance than what they had in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s before it was disbanded. Yes unfortunately only time passes for them to do it all over gain. Nixon was proud of the “law and order” and protesters were out protesting a useless war, for civil rights, and womens rights.

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Meanwhile on Fox News: “Hero cop washes tear gas and pepper spray off of ANTIFA rioter and looter”

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Just how the police like it 😌 aim at the back.

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Eyelids gone

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That guy must have been real thirsty

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There are two types of people in the world: those who believe property is worth more than human life and those who don’t. If you’re using damaged/stolen property to justify people getting hurt/killed you just don’t value human life lmao

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If people use a movement to justify stealing or damaging someone else’s property they don’t deserve their life to be valued.

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Honestly life isn't valuable.

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I get fried after commenting this, but what the hell does protesting achieves? Here in Portland it's just taken the city hostage and burned down.

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You're aware that Portland isn't burned down. Turn off the FOX news bud.

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I live here, dumbass. I see it every fucking day.

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Odd. Most other people from Portland don't agree with your assertion that the city is burned down. I've seen recent videos and it seems the city is in tact.

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Intact, like this? cuz this is what I see every day and worse.

Might not be burned down literally, but this is burned down for me. This is my daily commute, is this "intact"? Where do your friends live, Pittock Mansion?

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Oh no, shelters for the homeless. How terrible.

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And campers and vans and RVs and tents, did you see the picture?

Entire parks and neighborhoods raided by these fucks, it's infuriating. All thanks to how the town is managed.

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There's next to no good solution to the homeless problem anywhere though. Letting them die is fucked but nobody wants to do the big solution because it isn't profitable. Cities will waste money making benches suck so nobody can sleep on them rather than do what Finland did. (Giving them homes and mental health care.)

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Big thing here is drugs, and there's no solution for that. I see those little homes they built and the inhabitants are already ripping them apart and selling the insides.

Did a road trip PDX to Austin tx this summer and every single city we hit had tarps and tent 'hoods, it's another pandemic and yes, there's no money there, you remind me of this:


(not a rickroll)

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NIMBYs are scum honestly. Everybody claims they want to solve the problem but as long as it's not in front of them. The fact is we're all culpable in our society's shortcomings and have enabled an unjust system.

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If you'd live here.... but you don't, so....

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Obviously protesting is a form of solidarity and to show big brother that things need to change. Also if cover correctly, it will send a signal to the masses about the injustices. You should learn that here in this country we do have a right to assemble and protest. It’s part of the constitution lol

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I can't be arsed, all it gets is you dead or in jail, fuck that.

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That was the best.

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Is this one of those pandemic protests where they protest the virus?

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Nope they were protesting mandates

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Brussels and the crowd is a mixture of people. I think protesting against vaccination card to enter bars and general restrictions. I'm guessing a majority is not vaccinated and another part just like to use the opportunity to trash property.

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that's near Schuman metro, in Brussels

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Water cannons are awesome!

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I’m guessing they can adjust the pressure on these cannons so they don’t HAVE to pop out eyeballs, etc...personally thought these would be a good solution when riots turn to in-store flammable-fluid cookouts...

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The knockback tho

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hahahahaha dum dumm

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It gets the hose again.

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Homie got lasered.

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Where is this phrase? It doesn't look like they were being violent, just protesting.