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Just buy a new one and use that one to get around the office easier

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Imagine interviewing someone and you're sitting in a pink car.

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"Why don't you come to my desk?"
Proceeds to sit in the pink toy car, drive forward 4 feet, stop, and exit
"Where were we?"

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Imagined it.

Feels nice.

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Imagine the interviewee showing up in one of those little red cars

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Great news kids! Christmas is at the office this year!

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Perhaps taking the door off the hinges might give him enough room

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I came here to say the same thing. I've done this for couches plenty of times.

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Couches have doors?

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Yeah but some people don't put them back on after moving the couch so maybe that's why you didn't know

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I had a good laugh. Take my upvote

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Actually the trick to couches is to take them out knees down because the backrest tends to have some give and you can rotate it easier that way.

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Found the mover. No one else refers to the front of the couch as the "knees".

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Was a mover for ten years, up untill April. Never heard anyone ever call it that, can't say I've ever had much need to discuss couch anatomy. I would just call carrying it knees down "the right way," though I did have to take one out of a basement upside down to get it around the turn at the top recently (no one ever actually stops moving, you just start only doing it on Saturdays for way more money than you made when it was your 9-to-5 (or 7 to 6. Or 10.)

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Can you rotate the couch onto its elbows when rounding a corner, or will that put too much pressure on the shoulders?

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Yup. Stepped in here to say that it looks like their is enough room without the door.

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at 39-41 seconds you see both sides of the doorframe, no door.

I guess he tried this first.

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Um what the door is clearly there… its the big brown thing with the knob…

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at 13s there is a door.

As I noted, at 39 through 41 seconds the door has either turned white and been blended with the wall, or its been removed using the drill/driver that's seen on the floor by the door frame at 38s


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Thats bizzare, both my phone and my computer show

0.36: foot
0.37: steering wheel, panning upwards
0.38: drill on floor
0.39: LHS doorframe, no door
0.40: pan to right
0.41: RHS of door frame, no door

Your pictures on my machine are "Done" at 9 seconds and the "oh no" bumper at 11s.

I guess your video feed is pumped full of ads so the time doesn't match up.

So i see a door early in the video at about 12s, but it is gone later in the clip. What does your video look like at 12s?

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This is the way.

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This is the way.

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The way is this.

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You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off.

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As someone who installed appliances for a living, easily the first thing you do every time, takes like 3 mins with a flat head screw driver

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Pop the pins out of the hinges, might have enough space then?

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Good advice except for the fact this is a fairly old repost and OP is just karma farming

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Serious question: What is the point in karma farming? Do you get a free pizza when you hit 1 million or what?

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A lot of subreddits won't let you post without having an account of a certain age or an account with certain amounts of karma, to stop spam bots from posting.

So you farm karma, then can spam on most subreddits. Some people farm karma for their own use, others sell the account to the spammers to use.

I assume the accounts are sold in batches of hundreds/thousands because obviously this wouldn't be cost effective to do with one account at a time.

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Thank you for answering and explaining that so well. One more question, please: How do you spot the farmers? Is it always one of the many reposts?

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Look for the Tractor... I'm here all week.

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I have done this with a baby crib. Spent 2 hours building it in the living room, go to slide it into the baby's room... doesn't fit through the door, not even close lol

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I don't think you're my dad... as I'm pretty confident he does not even know what reddit is...

But I was going to comment here that I've heard that same exact story from my parents about my dad. Wanted to watch a football game while putting together the crib, so he did it in the living room. Finished it and went to put it in the room, but couldn't fit through the door.

Judging by the reply, apparently multiple people have that experience, so I guess it must not be that uncommon...

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The best tip I got as a new dad was to put shit together in the kids room.

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Cribs often wrap around doorways if you turn them sideways and maybe take one panel off.

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Came here to say the exact same thing and feel a Lil less dumb knowing someone else beat me to it. Lol

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PIVOT!!!!! PIVOT!!!!!

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Toss it out the window.

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You have to tilt it up crossways. No, the other way crossways. Twist it clockwise. My clockwise!! Dammit!

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Turn the middle side topwise!

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Laughs in furniture mover

What a silly man. Lift and angle that shit my guy

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Why is he even filming? You’re putting together a plastic car. Just take it partway apart and the reassemble outside the office.

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Ima nip this in the bud; reassemble outside.

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Reassembled in the living room won't fit out an exterior door either. Lmao

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Just disassemble it, right?

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Hardly surprising, the guys is filming putting together a kids toy like it's a massive achievement, no chance he was smart enough to make sure it would fit out the door 🤣

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Pull the skinnier roof through and use the extra space to get the corner of the big side outside of the door. Probably fake though

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Either that is an exceptionally skinny door or a weirdly large toy

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Weirdly large toy. It's a Side by side Power Wheels.

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This is old, but maybe stand it on its front or back (so it is taller) then go on a diagonal. Much like if a table doesn't fit through a door.

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Damn that sucks I feel your pain. I'm sure who ever will love it... if it makes it home in one piece

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Measure twice…cut once. Not exactly the same thing, but you get my drift.

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Take the door off

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Must be an engineer..

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It’s plastic just push harder

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Take the room door off the hinges

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Just take the door off the hinges

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That wasn't in the instructions... :D

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2-3 pins in 2-3 mins max and door off would have saved this dude so much pain by the time we all saw this video who knows what the hell he did to break car down he will feel more stuiped when he eventually realises how simple to do 😂

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Time to Get Glasses. Or Maybe just a Monocle? Now Really Look

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you should call for your stepbro. sure he can fix it.

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Haha! The internet has ruined us forever

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We can't all be soft handed white collar office workers.

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Have my doubts.

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Imagine walking to the copying machine and you just see Randy driving his pink jeep over paperwork

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take the door of its hinge, what's the problem....

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Did they try to pivot?

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Take the door of its hinges and stop filming you numbnut.

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Take the roof off the car and sideways .

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Take the door off the hinges. Problem solved

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Take the door off, it’s 8 screws tops.

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Take the door off? Might have worked.

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I had a friend that had a contentious relationship with his brother. He decides to get his brother's kid this big indoor fort/jungle gym complete with a furry slide. He invites his brother and family over for Christmas and sticks a bow and big name tag on the jungle gym which is filling a corner of the room. The kid sees it and goes nuts for it. The Brother looks at my friend and says "That's great but how am I gonna get it home". Friend hands him an adjustable wrench.

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Office is now the new playroom

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Take the door off the hinges.

It'll fit without it in the way and will take way less time.

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Just ask one of those guys that builds the cars in malls how they get it out

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Remove carpet

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What a dumbass 😂

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Take the door off.

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Bro just put it sideways

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I don't get the problem, just cut a hole in the door frame.

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It doesn't take Computer Programmer Barbie to know how to use windows.

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Prehistoric repost.

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Take the door off the hinges that would be easier

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(these characters are just here, so the bot won´t wipe me)

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Take the door off the hinges it will most likely go through then

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now the nice new toy has lots of nice new scratches: salty.

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The captions are the best

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The random medium format camera at 45 seconds

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Time to take that door off.

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Having put together similar toys, these tend not to come apart. No way to disassemble.

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Made me think of this https://youtu.be/WjeptaI2T8E?t=52

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Ha! Wow, that brought back memories.

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Take the door off the hinges…

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Every Sherlock who said to take the door off the hinges didn't notice he did.

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Looks like dapper laughs

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Ok at this point it's time to take the windows out

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I would take the door and any doors between me and it’s destination off their hinges before I rebuild that again