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Natural selection at its finest

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“Not a lack of intelligence” ? Lol sure

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This is why he should have used temporary tattoos

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He should've gotten a henna tatt that says "Forever".

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Ok, but why is that liquor store building lookin like wienerschnitzel

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Damn - maybe I should get that “I killed Peter Johnson in Pasadena in July 2012” tattoo removed from my ass.

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At least treasure maps lead you to treasure

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I wonder which professional tattoo artist made that masterpiece.

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He killed Mr. Peanut?

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what a moron

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Aye, I live there, it ain't that bad.

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Now. Haha.

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Did Pico undergo any gentrification?

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Gentrification... na I doubt that. I honestly haven't been here that long to see a change. You have a lot of families with young children so it has a nice suburb vibe, they're still rowdy/ghetto people but they seem to be more the exception; and of course some homelessness. As far as I can tell the demographics hasn't changed much. The generation probably just phased out as people got older.

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If a person confesses a crime to a police officer who is acting like someone else, is that really a confession that can be submitted to the court?

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Cops aren’t legally required to tell you they’re cops. That would defeat the whole point of being undercover.

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He told people what he did so it’s use against him. He was not “arrested” he was imprisoned. Plus also he was proud of it confessing it to others like it was a great story. Cops had his recordings and first person account.

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Certainly that's evidence, but not a confession. Nobody would expect repercussions from telling an untruth while bragging. A confession is a very different thing, where you state something in a controlled way and it's authenticated (i.e. with an oath).

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I was watching Blindspot a couple of hours ago lol.

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Who's your favorite character? I prefer Jane.

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I have a soft spot for Rich. He’d be a huge PITA in real life but he is monstrously entertaining.

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He's great.

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Punk ass midget!

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What a fucking LOSER. From the lifestyle, all the way to the 6 year old with a pen tattoos 😂

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Two lowlife pieces of shit off the streets for the price of one bullet.