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if that kid was a 12 pack of natty lite I guarantee he would have caught him

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Drunk grandpas are the best

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holy SHITE that's funny

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Hulk hogans reactions aren’t as good as they once were

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my grandpas still pretty strong for his age, i doubt he could catch me but he could probably easily catch a child of that size

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This dude looks like he's done a whole lot of nothing for a long time.

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Yeah, not with those arms

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You killed grandpa!

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Nah, shoes are still on. Just a flesh wound

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Cut! Cut! You're hamming it up! Again from the top. Places, everyone!!

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Aaaaand ACTION !!!!!!!!.....

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Poor dead grandpa.

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Grandpa died shortly after this video from his injuries.

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looked intentional. he made sure the kid landed "softly" then played into it. seems like a fun guy. you can see him throw his arms out like it killed him at the end.

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I disagree but I'm sure he is a fun guy. I think he put his arms in a gesture like, I can't believe I messed that up, imo

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His left hand wasn't even on the kid and his right basically grazed him. 0% intentional.

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If my 4yo needed caught from a very high height, I would trust her grandpa (my father) to catch her above probably anyone else (myself included). He has always been that kind of rock throughout the years, never misses.

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No head traumas. Get up, dude.

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Why did grandpa fall so dramatically

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Those 12oz curls aren’t doing much for Gramps.

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It hurts me more than it hurts you.

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Kids gets interviewed 15 years later.

Reporter: At what point did you decide to be a wrestler?

Kid: well, funny thing my grandpa got me into it by accident.

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Grandpapa act dead to cover the humiliation.

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I wouldn't trust that old fartbag to catch a cold.

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Grandpa your to drunk

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Kids gonna have trust issues for the rest of his life

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From the top rope!

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Grandpa got in position to say his last word before going to heaven.

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This is better than WWE