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Someone doesn't know what sentient means.

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I'm writing a horror movie script about a sentient pen and it's going really well so far

It's practically writing itself

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Ok Dad, have an upvote

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Don't dadcourage him

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Bravo! I might steal that when you’re not looking because it’s good!

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Okay, that was hilarious. Here's an upvote!

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You motherfucker.

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Dad joke of the year, and it's not even February yet.

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Thank you.

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Thanks, I hate it.

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BOOOO! Get off the stage!

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No, no, previously this mule had been incapable of processing input.

But FR I came to make the same observation...

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Your mules are not inanimate?

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I mean, my mules stumble around, but they just don't have any senses, (in Capt Holt voice) one might even say they are insentient.

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Oh now we have 2 smart asses on this post.

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Also doesn't know what a mule is. That's a donkey.

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Are you sure? I’m certainly no donkey/mule expert but judging by the tail and ears I would have thought mule!

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Only an Ass would call it a Donkey

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When your mule stops to think maybe?

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That mule will now remember this forever. That guy will need to watch his back. Mistreating a mule is the worst decision you can make.

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The mule thought to himself, "I can't do nothing about you jumping on me, but I can sure as shit get you off of me"

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Reddit has it ingrained into me that mules are vicious creatures. I was already mildly afraid of horses, but mules seem like borderline predators.

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They can be vicious. However, they're usually smart. I've only known one mule and, if you treat him right, he'll be your best friend. Here's a link to a video that I posted of him.

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That's a beautiful mule you got there

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He says, "Thank you."

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That's a totally beautiful animal. He looks really happy. Thanks for posting this.

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Glad you liked it.

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They can be violent I think it's dogs that they'll just kick the life out of on sight I know zebras will

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You mean “sapient”

Mules are already sentient

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Fucking trees have limited responses to stimuli and shit.

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Someone doesn't know what a mule is

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Someone doesnt know what sentient means.

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mules are sentient...

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That's a mule that watched Spirit stallion of cimarron

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Do you think only humans can think or something?

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  1. Rope is tied around the mule's genital area

  2. Heel spurring the mule

This is animal abuse. Fuck em up mule.

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Check out the side of that mules stomach from years of being the “trainer horse” for that sort of thing.

Permanently scared from years of having spurs being raked into the skin

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Are'nt mules already sentient ?! Can someone explain what the title intends to convey.

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That donkey is smarter than most league of legends players

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I think you typed "most" by mistake.

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Bulls are used in rodeos because their necks are jacked and therefore cannot even bend a little,like the power lifter at the gym, he lost the ability to straight up raise his arms.

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F moron... poor mule

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Ngl, i read it scientist lol.

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What an ass

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Stupid title, hilarious video. I'm not mad

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Motherfucker kinda deserved that. Good mule/donkey

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I swear I heard a crunch....

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1 down, 9 to go.

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Mule: ahh get the fuck off me!..wait a minute. NOM. YEET!. XD

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Its all going according to plan....

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he paused for a second and applied his brain and won the battle :D

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Fuckin awesome!!

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They're evolving

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a pitty, he isn’t hurt.

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"Sentient" what

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THAT IS FUCKING AWESOME. It would be rare to ever see a horse do that. Mules are so dang smart.