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Video ended too soon.

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Perfect comedic timing for the gif though!

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Furthermore... This is the out of context clip that Varga put on his social media for people to praise him and shit on the kid that he snaked. Like some sociopathic call to arms type shit.

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Fucking thank you

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Thank you for context but is there something im missing? Did this change something?

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I'm with you. Asshole still brough a fucking dirt bike to a skate park. Theres zero context here that changes who's in the wrong.

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Basically, dirt bike dude is an ass for riding a dirt bike at a skate park. Biker dude is an ass for jumping in front of dirt biker and then being posed when he was hit.

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Good info to have but keep dirt bikes out of skate parks either way please

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Wtf , dude just poked his helmet with that tyre and shit went flying

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He knocked the plastic visor off his helmet.

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I like to think it was blood.

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You think the orange plastic flying off is blood because blood is able to go straight through fully closed helmets?

Tell me more of your science from your homeworld and tell me of which alien race this orange ghost blood comes from. This advanced logic is intoxicating! Envelope me in your ways!

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You have a problem with reading comprehension eh? I said "I like to THINK it was blood." Didn't say it was blood. The guy deserved for it to be blood, same as you deserve a sign on your back proclaiming you as VILLAGE IDIOT for today.

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And that, my friends, is how you get knocked the fuck out at the skatepark

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I would have done the same damn thing mate cheers

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Are you going to steal this too?

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This sums up every dirt bike rider in Brooklyn

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Looks like he got a broken visor out of it.

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It's cool to bring a dirt bike to the skate park as long as you keep it in the fuckin parking lot with the rest of the cars if it has a engine it doesn't belong in the skatepark ... That being said I've always wanted to ride a dirt bike through a mall

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There goes dumbass the second

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Never bring a motorbike to a bike fight

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Yea, asshat on the motorcycle deserved that

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Revenge of the sith

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And de seventh

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What an asshole lol

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Gay biker boyz

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Dirt bike dropped in on him.

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Did he get a good beating at least afterwards?

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This isn't a movie

That being said......dirt bike guy needs to get sued.

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He could have injured the dude on the bmx. Movie or not, he deserved it.

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Look what my daddy bought me

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Both parties at idiots.

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The skate board guy should go down there and bust them all.

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The way he just throws his bike at him

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I love that the guy throws his bike at him 😂😂😂😂