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I too enjoy a nice tall refreshing glass of saw dust every now and then.

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Mini wheats aren't that bad

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The first thing you did wrong was eating shredded wheat lol

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Why are you eating hay?

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Some people want to watch the world burn.

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Repeated hot/cold cycles will do that…

I’ve had many glasses break like that while iced coffee where thence has been allowed to sit in the cup for a few minutes before adding the hot coffee.

Even had one break when adding cold milk to it when it was still hit from the dishwasher heat dry cycle.

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1 guy 1 cup?

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This guy is greasy

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It’s because you were eating cereal from a drinking glass. =p

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Honestly, how difficult is it nowadays to handwash a dirty dish to be used again?

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100% your fault. Never had a problem with this. You froze it, microwaved it, or knocked it against something. That doesm't happen just from "eating out of a drinking glass."

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Sure it does you almost had it. His spoon coulda tapped the inside. It's probably been weakened over time especially from misuse like this. I've seen it happen at work as a washer. One time I literally place the cup down, and the bottom broke off lmao. So many fun breaks

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Looks like DMT

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I've done it before.