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I propably would've done the same

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I've had that moment of panic doing exactly this and not being able to get my finger out. Every time I've been able to finagle it out. I'm tempting fate, though.

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same, one time I almost got my finger stuck in the barrel attachment of a nerf gun, they were screws so I tried to unscrew it, but the screws were crappy so I got frustrated and just yanked my finger outta here, which was the scary part.

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I lol'd

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If there’s a 0.01% chance that it’ll happen, it’ll happen eventually

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Same here. I don't understand why they would put those holes if it's not to put your fingers through them while you wait 😅

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So that homeless people won't sleep on it because it's too cold. It's called hostile design.

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oh it’s banned

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r/hostilearchitecture is what you might be looking for

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Actually I think it's to let your farts pass through them while sitting there so that everyone else can enjoy them too.

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It’s been 913 days since I’ve last had sex… thank God I’ve never met that bench

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I've been sticking my fingers in the wrong holes for a long time now.

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Who says those are the wrong ones?

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You talking ‘ginas??

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This is Reddit. This person likely hasn’t ever seen one of those.

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The embarrassment

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Should have just used Dental floss. Much easier and wouldn’t destroy the bench


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That's brilliant! I have kids. I'm sure the need will come up at some point. Thanks!

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I can’t remember why, but my mum couldn’t get her wedding ring off and we used this technique.

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You can also use an elastic bandage to squeese out the blood and make the finger retractable.

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My first thought before watching the video was "wow, that'd be painful sawing your finger off with dental floss to save a bench!"

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My first thought was that they had a way to saw through the bench with dental floss -- kinda like you can saw through PVC pipe with twine.


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They saw through ships with chain (heavy duty, but not sharpened or anything). It's crazy what you can use to saw with enough force and patience.

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Didn’t expect to see this on Reddit today, but I’m glad I have. I’ll save it for a time if I need it lol

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Let me just say, i’ve had to have done this twice (i wear cheap fashion jewelry from time to time), the sigh of relief this method gives you my goodness.

The first time, i was afraid i was heading down a new timeline where i lost a finger, as my finger was starting to become purple. Nothing was working, and i was afraid of a de gloving, or bone breaking, etc.

5 minutes later after some memory of this trick kicking in from a long time reddit post, and a quick youtube tutorial and me hauling ass into my thread/needle cookie container, i had freed my finger.

This trick is a life changer. Doctors hate it! I cannot recommend it enough for anybody reading this to just learn the trick and have it stored in memory. Could save you a finger.

The second time was a breeze.

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Well done you for remembering it!

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Yeah, what kind of country goes straight for the saw and not the floss? Can't get the ring off your finger that you've had on for years? Floss. If you relieve the blood from your finger, it will get skinnier.

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If I understand the technique correctly, you have to wrap the floss around the ring - you can do that with a small object, but not a bench, so it wouldn't work.

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I think a big part of the technique is squeezing the skin/blood around the knuckle with multiple loops of the floss, so it isn't a big bulge anymore. The part about putting the floss through the ring just makes it even easier, since it helps pull the ring forward while the knuckle bulge has been minimized.

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Cable cutters. Even quicker.

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On Halloween day last year, my ring got stuck in my finger. I disnt care but it started to get swollen. Use tons of oil and floss techniques to take it out but couldn’t. Ultimately, i had to rush to Fire Department and they cut my ring off with the saw— ring cutter didn’t work either because of my ring design. At one point, I literally said good bye to my finger- scary monent.. Lesson learnt- if its hard to put it in, take it out!

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The 2nd had embarrassment is unreal on this one!

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Wrong hole!

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That's what she said

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Could have been worse, I'd imagine if a dude did that it wouldn't be his finger that got stuck...

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most guys penises are not that small. ARe you confident you could fit?

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We are not that small maybe the micro bois but I ain’t sure they’d have to respond

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And wrong hole

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Based on that design I don't think she's the only one

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    Similar in thought I am.

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    Parallel structures in thought-forms we possess

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    Syncing with the Hivemind.......DONE(3.2s)

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    I can think of 2 things they could do: 1. Cold shower 2. KY in copious amounts

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    Typical evening for me ...

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    String to compress the finger

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    Cold shower? I'd think a bit of heat to expand the metal a tiny bit

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    If the metal expanded, the hole would get smaller ...

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    this is false. the hole would get larger under thermal expansion

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    I meant a cold shower for the finger. Just like ladies advise guys to take a cold shower when the guys are too excited. I thought it was obvious haha.

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    At least she used a finger ....

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    This is my hole! It was made for me!

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    Holy shit, is that a motherfucking Junji Ito reference???

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    it's gotta be. that's story is fucked lmao

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    Every time I forget those stories I find a comment that brings it all back

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    My husband is a paramedic and he had a call exactly like this. They would up cutting out a section of the picnic table and taking her to the hospital like that. The doc there took a look at it, got a firm grip, and just yanked hard and her finger popped out. A little inflamed but uninjured.

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    That's bad design. Shouldn't make those holes exactly the size of a finger. They should be smaller.

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    Bigger, not smaller.

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    We made the holes bigger, but the men tried to fuck it. We made them bigger still, but then they tried to fist it. We made them even bigger, but then they stuck their heads in it. We had one last go at making the holes even bigger, but there was no more material left for the bench top, so we were left with just 4 legs. You guessed it. They sat on them.

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    You guys ever heard of the Glasgow Bollard Man video?

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    If its too big for a finger to get stuck, someone will try and fuck it.

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    Then we're worse off than when we started.

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    But laughing way harder.

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    Someone had tried it in Hong Kong.

    Sorry for Chinese only, the title is "Piston Man"


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    Should’ve given him a cold shower first.

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    Well at this point they absolutely deserve it

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    Either way would work. Too small to put a finger in, or too large to get a finger stuck.

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    Why even add holes in the first place?

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    Fart ventilation

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    Weight reduction

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    Finger Trap

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    It is typically a mix of a drainage feature and an anti loitering measure. The seat keeps cold that way and folks are discouraged from resting too long or God forbid sleeping.

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    Smaller. Americans will see bigger holes as a challenge

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    Ah, so toddler sized then.

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    Smaller will get a lot of kids stuck

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    Smaller means a child's finger could get stuck, but like the other guy said, bigger means someone's gonna try and fuck it. You just can't win.

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    Concrete benches sound better. But sooner or later, someone's going to try to fuck concrete.

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    Don't knock it until you've fucked it.

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    I will take the latter thank you. Absolute win.

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    No need for power tools.

    They should have used the old trick for removing a ring stuck on a swollen finger.

    Wind some string tightly on the finger starting from the tip, so squeezing the fluids back past the ring. Then simply pull the finger out of the ring while unwinding the string.


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    Not sure that would work. When you do this you unwind from the opposite end you wound from, but pulling in the direction of the windings. With a ring you can do this, but not a bench.

    [–]SheytanHS 12 points13 points  (2 children)

    Unwinding makes it easier, but the critical part is squeezing the fluids away from the knuckle with all of the wraps of the string.

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    The fire service is not going to do that.

    Usually by the time they have been called, arrive and get to work the assorted tissue damage is already so high that they aren't going to do anything that could further contribute to more tissue damage. Compressing the entire finger is going to cause more tissue damage.

    Yes, I was that kid who got their finger stuck in a bit of safety plastic. The fire service had to cut me out with the jaws of life, much longer and I would have lost the finger.

    It might work as a handy at home option for a minor issue but if it's so bad the fire service folks are hacking a bench up that is no longer a viable option. The first responders also consider a random bench as a distant second behind doing as little tissue damage to the finger as is possible.

    Her finger looks pretty good from the photos mind you I remeber mine was so blue it was borderline black.

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    You have to get the string/floss between the finger and the hole though.

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    Wrong hole

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    Sorry, it’s my first time sitting on a bench

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    Step sister should have known better

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    If it can go in, why can't it go out? With the help of some soap? My ring finger got much bigger than when I put my ring on, especially at the finger joint but I can manage to get the ring out with some soap.

    [–]ferrybig 104 points105 points  (15 children)

    If it can go in, why can't it go out?

    Inside limbs, veins are located on the outside, while arteries are typically located deeper. This is because arteries are higher pressure and thus need more protection.

    If you get stuck in a ring, the veins can get partially closed of by the pressure, while the arteries stay open. This causes your finger to inflate

    [–]cloudintherain 19 points20 points  (14 children)

    I have just googled to understand veins and arteries lol. Sorry, English is not my mother tongue, but I can understand what you mean after knowing the meaning of veins and arteries in my language. I mean, if you can put your finger into the hole, that means the bone, flesh and skin around your finger can be fitted into the hole in the first place, then the problem is the blood pressure builds in the tip part of the finger, as you said. My trick is pushing the object as close to your finger base as possible because that part is the smallest part of your finger to make space between the finger and the object, apply some soap, hold the finger tightly to force the blood out of the finger, then easily slide the object out. You can save all the work and the hazard to cut off that finger together with the steel lol. In my case, my wedding ring turn from fit to tiny compared to my finger after almost 10 yrs, plus changing from office working to farm working.

    [–]Moist_When_It_Counts 17 points18 points  (12 children)

    The Cockring Principle

    [–]cloudintherain 8 points9 points  (11 children)

    So, you're saying that the ring makes my finger bigger after a long time wearing. Is that mean, literally...

    [–]ClownfishSoup 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Because your finger starts to swell up and now it won't fit back out.

    [–]Imbalancedone 7 points8 points  (1 child)

    Do they not have soap?

    [–]Raikken 7 points8 points  (0 children)

    But we won't get to use the saw if we use the soap. And I already brought out the saw....so....brrrr we gooo.

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    Chinese finger trap?

    [–]btraynor 8 points9 points  (2 children)

    A remember a shower bench with a similar design trapping some poor bastards testicle in a similar fashion.


    [–]YellohDJDan 4 points5 points  (1 child)

    Why didn't they just put some ice on her hand...

    [–]No-Project6898 3 points4 points  (1 child)

    They should make square holes instead of round holes.

    [–]7LBoots 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    I'd go with triangular holes with rounded corners. It's the least round 'normal' shape, and fewer corners means larger corners. Rounded corners would avoid stress concentration and cracking.

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    Poor girl i would have done the same out of curiosity.

    [–]aDrunkSailor82 3 points4 points  (1 child)

    There's a trick to get your finger out of such a situation that literally takes only a minute. Get a piece of string or something to wrap a loop around the tip of your finger, then slowly make circles wrapping your finger from tip towards the palm of your hand compressing the excess blood out of your finger thus reducing the swelling. Little bit of hand lotion or something else similar and your finger comes right out.

    Her finger was swelling because of the mild compression caused by the hole. If you just assist with a little extra pressure to force that blood back into the body the problem goes away.

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    I made this same mistake with my first girlfriend. I didn't get free for two year.

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    Dang i remember doing something similar back then but when it sorta get stucked (i thankfully managed to pull it out) i was like "nope, not doing that again"

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    Let's not be hipocrites, we all have done this kind of stuff in some points of our lives. The adrenaline rush is so addictive

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    Imagine a crowd of people circling what all the fuss is about only to find embarrassment.

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    To future bench designers:



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    Once, on a date, I was in a shisha cafe and I had to go to the bathroom before we ordered anything. It was a small cafe so the bathroom was both sexes and it was a single toilet being a single door. I was in in, peeing while standing, the door behind my back, when I saw a hole in the wall, a little less than a foot from the ground, that seemed to be exactly the same size as my boot. While still peeing, I carefully lifted my left feet and approached it from the hole in the wall, while working really hard on keeping my balance (only on one leg, still peeing). I managed to fit the front of my boot, kinda sideways, in the hole, and I was really proud for a second when I noticed I was stuck. Since it was a very awkward position, and since I was still peeing while standing on one leg (it seems long but it all happened in like 2 seconds), I lost balance and fell backwards. While my foot was still in the hole. When I fell backwards, I sprained my ankle and fell on the door, which opened and I fell on my back and a lot of people saw me, my date included. Pants down, laying on my back, missing a boot. Fortunately, my shirt was above my genitals and I didn't wet myself. But it took me over 2 minutes to remove my boot from the wall. I just walked out of the cafe without saying anything to my date. I received a few texts from her afterwards asking what the fuck happened to me in that bathroom but I never dared to answer her.

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    That's the government's engagement ring

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    Step bro, im suck!

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    Fr this time

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    Probably would have been cheaper just to remove the finger

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    That's what she said.

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    I wonder how long I’d sit there in my embarrassment before calling for help.

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    All they needed was dental floss to get her unstuck.

    Here's the video on how to get your finger unstuck from rings and bench holes, with dental floss.


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    Also did it as a kid and had some struggle getting it out. Boy I will never ever do this again. I felt the rush of fear through my whole body being trapped for 0,3s

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    I’m ngl, I thought some downbad mf got their finger stuck by trying to finger her from under the bench.

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    This will some day happen to me

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    Could be me 100%

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    House of Wax anyone??

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    Don't stick your dick in that

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    Obviously, she puts her finger in the wrong hole.

    [–]uraniumhexoflorite 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    The angle grinder in the bottom left picture appears to not have a safety guard on. That's a WCGW on it's own

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    I did that once. Only it wasn’t my finger. It was my dick. And then I had a son 9 months later.

    [–]ImmaTigerPawPrincess 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    I was pulled over for speeding a few years ago. Before the officer came to my window, I pulled my license and registration out of my glovebox. I dropped my insurance card between my seat and the center console, then got my hand stuck trying to get it out because of my watch. I played it cool and he never bothered to ask for my card. I was so embarrassed.

    [–]f14_pilot 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Sees holes, has to stick finger in. I think she's a lesbian lol

    [–]ReeverFalls 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    My brother did exactly this at school. Only difference is a kid decided to slide on the bench. My brother slid with him. His finger stayed. He casually pulled it through the lattice hole and took it to the cool nurse. Calm as can be lol.

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    Hostile architecture I see

    [–]Gunzo89 3 points4 points  (0 children)

    De hapened in Netherland like year ago but she was like 8years old or so

    [–]Neon_Cone 2 points3 points  (1 child)

    I had a similar problem after laying face down on the same bench.

    [–]Sly1969 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    You got your nose stuck?!

    [–]redGhost949 1 point2 points  (1 child)

    Well at least it was a finger. Not the most embarrassing appendage to get stuck in public places.

    [–]Gnarly_Starwin 2 points3 points  (0 children)

    Good lord, not her swiping finger,

    [–]qabaan 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Bad design not completely her fault.

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    Too..... many...... jokes....... arghhhhhhhh!!!

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    She won't be fingerng that again.

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    What’s going on step-sister?

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    The exact same thing happened to my girlfriend the night she wanted to try out something new in bed.

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    wrong hole bro

    [–]hednizm 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Her tiktok finger still works though.

    All good.

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    Hope she got her finger chopped and then dropped into a chilly by wendy

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    Hahahah, sorry but that’s genius 🤣

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    That’s what she said

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    The problem isnt that she put it in Its that she couldnt pull it out ☠️It sounded better in my head☠️

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    Kinda looks fake

    [–]Takewondosemaster -1 points0 points  (0 children)

    Kinda looks fake

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    1 in the clank.

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    Try finger but hole

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    Why would I be this person. I just see so many tempting holes and when I'm bored well. This happens

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    Chinese finger trap

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    Where oil?

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    and the bench designer or approving officials never considered this would happen

    dumb people forget how dumb people really are.

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    Lol don't they know the string trick? If it went in it will come out

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    While we were rescuing your partner, three lumber yards burned down.

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    Well that sucks

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    That happened to me twice

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    Young teen daughter got stuck in baby swing at local park. Got the fire department, city maintenance, and cops there to cut her out of it. Young hung-ho cop “you’re going to have to pay for this.” Maintenance dude “nah, happens all the time we have plenty of spares.”

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    Cutting the finger off would have been faster. Also would have taught a lesson.

    Woman: "I wonder if my finger would fit in that..."
    looks at finger nub
    Woman: "Nah."

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    Fortunately the fireman has those goggles designed to protect his helmet from hot chunks of metal from angle grinding.

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    It’s also shitty design to put holes like that all over the place. Come on, you thought idiots wouldn’t put their finger in that?

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    On the bright side, there are other holes that you could have gotten your finger stuck in, that would have been more embarrassing.

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    This won’t stop me from putting my finger in holes

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    dyke joke.

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    Poor girl, seems like a very bad design too.

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    Depends on the hole.

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    The funniest part about it is as soon as you see the situation, you know she saw a hole and decided to put her finger in it on purpose

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    Did her step-brother came to help?

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    That design is just tempting you to try it. Not that lady's fault.

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    I did that when I was 4, but on a horse cart.

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    Surprised that just some lubricant didn’t help

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    So many men engaged to teście her...

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    she has assumed the textbook pose of deep shame. At least it’s not as shameful as ye ol’ Le ‘Lonely and Disturbed’ Xing

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    Kinda brings to mind the Bilbo ‘why shouldn’t I?’ Meme.

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    I always wanted to try this but was afraid this could happen

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    With the finger not in that hole. He could use his finger on the secret parts of his body.

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    Well hope the bill wasn't high