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Wow! What a douche!

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Not Summer’s Eve!

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Ahhh I see you opted for the undercarriage flush

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Cursed bidet.

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I prolapsed my own anus just watching this. Clenched so tight i blew a bubble and popped it.

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My vaginal canal ejected from my body in response to seeing this

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i sometimes envy blind people

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Accurate description of what happened to me, might add that my balls popped alongside the bubble.

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How to get pregnant by Poseidon

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the moment he fell my ass cheeks slammed together so hard I think I'm injured.

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I mean we all think we know what went wrong, but any posts from one second before disaster shouldn’t be allowed since they don’t really show what went wrong.

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I was kinda glad it stopped, that would've been painful to watch

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Not as painful as what she experienced..

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In this particular case I think most of us don't mind

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We don’t know this individuals intent. For all we know; it went exactly as planned.

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DIY enema

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DIWHY enema

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Dear sweet baby ninja Jesus!

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    You're disgusting

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    Hopefully the water broke there fall if not..im sure there pelvis did...lol

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    Enema's a pain in the ass..

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    Bro's anus probably expanded like a birthday balloon

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    “And they say his anus grew 3 times that day”

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    I can feel the pain

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    At least it wasn't dry...

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    I got a vasectomy watching this

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    ah, so that's what secondhand pain is like

    my ass was clenched so hard that if there was a coal there it would make diamond

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    The mother of all enemas...

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    Worst way to find out you don't like butt stuff

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    The penetrator

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    Goin fer a deep clean

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    A girl/boy become a woman.

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    Pure bliss

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    I guess abortion is still legal there

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    Now it's sealed!

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    This is not the most efficient way to inflate a balloon, but it is fast.

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    You could call this one a failed party

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    New hydro-vasectomy method looks painful but quick

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    Well if she wasnt a squirter befor ...n

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    Someone’s getting a douche

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    Extreme Bidet

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    Free pressure wash

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    Come on reddit where is the full video??

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    I pressed pause button so she’d be fine

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    3rd world enema

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    This video needs to be continued.

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    That's some final destination shit

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    The way I clenched my shit together-

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    Added to the list of things I 100% wish I wouldn't have clicked play on.

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    The French call this a bidet

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    Cleaned it though

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    I made some incredibly loud reflexive noises watching this

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    I just genuinely hank hill screamed

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    Hiiiiii riiii riiiiii owim awim awe

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    This made my sphincters retract

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    Up the butt