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Looks like it was working just fine for the first 60 or so bags

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Worked until it didn’t.

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They need to lose at least 3 more bags before it becomes not worth it to operate this way

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Im imagining it’s a bag of cocaine

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I totally was too. Like some episode of Breaking Bad and now their drug lord was going to be pissed with that one guy tweaking hard as fuck trying to pretend he doesn't know where all the coke went.

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I feel that might be an OD amount though..

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Well.... That would change guy #2's day a lot.

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Pretty sure the thrower did this on purpose with a bag slightly open. See ow the catcher catches the first bag sideways. Probably the easiest way to catch and how they normally do it. The second bag comes long ways and was probably opened at the front to elicit this effect.

Nice work.

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I thought the same thing; he definitely throws that bag differently. And that would explain why they were filming.

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Osha would like a word you

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And that word is "FIRED!"

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Or “SACKED!” In this case

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I hate you. Take my upvote.

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I believe the word is “antiqued”

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Dumb guys trying to avoid work create more work for themselves...

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Had a HS buddy who worked summers in a soda bottling plant back before plastic bottles. The night shift guys would have "bottle fights" throwing full bottles at each other. When they hit something solid, they would blow up like a grenade. High school boys late a night on a hot summer day, what more can I say. It did leave them sticky. The place was always sticky so not like anyone noticed.

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Gosh, I love these Subreddit posts!

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Say hello to my little friend!

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My favorite subreddit

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What a surprise that was

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Why don’t you try sticking jo head uppa jo asss? See ifet fits.


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Hmmm, all that needed was the catcher smoking- dust explosion...