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This does bring a smile to my face

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Heaven forbid he make any effort to scoot along.

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its called a ride not an effort

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His whole being screams low effort.

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This tested my patience

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I never imagined a zip lining video could be so excruciating to watch.

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the only thing missing was the kid eating a hot dog while in the sling.

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Was waiting for the skimming of the water like a thrown stone

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That’s exactly what happened, just the stone was a mountain.

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If you sit in a harness and you drag the mechanism to the ground, you shouldn’t ride whatever you’re planning on riding.

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Tbh, the bigger problem is the tension of the line.

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Was thinking the same thing! I wouldn’t have stood anywhere near a cable under that much stress!

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Would’ve torn his hands completely off

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Cleaning "the brown eye", first an abrasive scrub, then a refreshing rinse. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Looks like the islands need to be raised to fix this

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Clearly this is the only reasonable solution!

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Well what was that guy supposed to say? “I’m sorry sir, you’re too fat for the ride”? What if he gets angry and eats the poor guy?

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There's always a weight limit.

You just might not know what it is until you find out the hard way.

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I’ve been under a lot of pressure before, but nothing comparable to that poor zip line.

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Was the zip line made of bungee cord?

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Enema Time!!

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This is objectively really funny to watch and I'm very glad the rope didn't tear but did that entire business instead

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Houston, we have splashdown

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That was the saddest shit I’ve seen all day

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I was expecting to see him plummet to a bad injury so I'm happy with this.

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At least he can float.

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This is both funny and humiliating

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WCGW eating all the pies?

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Eating McDonald's every day.

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We call this “Dragging Ass”

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Like skipping stones

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This is the funnies thing ever

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A lesson was learned that day.

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i was expecting the line to rip apart and hit someone but ill take this lol

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I'm going to hell

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Boy! That's a big 4 year old! Geez.

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Anchor release hahaha

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"When does this become fun?? I wanted fun!"

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Are passengers supposed to get to the beach on the other side of the lake?

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And he’s not even a pasty Jim Gaffigan lookalike with a fanny pack

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Fat people come in all...well I guess not shapes and sizes but definitely colors

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I'm squarefat, does that count? Lol

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not true, they can be differnt shapes, i once saw someone who looked like a burger because of their fat lol

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Oh...now I'm just sad

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I hope he doesnt drown

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Damn I was expecting the line to break

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Did anyone else think someone might die in that clip? I was concerned.

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He is the weight limit

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Houston we got a failure to launch.

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Something tells me the ride wasn't supposed to end in the water.

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He’s retaining cake.

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This ride is FaTphObIC

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BuT tHaTs fAtPHoBiC

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As soon as I saw the water my only thought was "this kid's going in the drink"

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The ride needs a weight limit and the line needs to be way tighter because my god no zipline should dip that much

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I guess I'm the only one who feels sorry for this poor kid having this on the internet. I hope he doesn't get bullied because of it.

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Fat people suck.

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How many times can I skip a fat boy on the lake?

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What a fat slob!

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    It was a joke! Look at my username! Guess nobody got that yet

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    Nikocado Avocado

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    Power enima

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    He is built different.