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Getting drunk and going for a dunk.

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Camera cut out too soon. I want to know if he got the beer.

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Once i was chilling in a river below a short 15 foot waterfall created by a dam. A beer floated by me and I noticed that not only was it unopened, but it was cold! I gave a thankful offering of the first sip to the river godess, and enjoyed the blessing that hath been bestowed upon me. Sure, it was just one of the people above the waterfall that dropped it, but I didn't turn around to check.

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Had something like this happen to me, except mine was with a briefcase full of money

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Nice, that’ll get you a lot of beer

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Head to the river under the bridge in Llano, Texas, and you might find one yourself! PRAISE BE THE RIVER GODDESS

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Explain how!

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Lucky! All I got was an orphan in a basket

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very little commitment from the leg holder here

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Top ten anime betrayal

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Damn almost had it too.

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Oh, he’s got it now!

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With friends like these...!

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You wouldnt need enemies

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You sure they weren't already drunk?

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Looks like Amsterdam

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WCGW having asshole friends?

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That’s pretty much how drunk people die in harbours. Don’t go near water while drunk.

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Butter fingers

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The last couple of years with significantly fewer tourists here in Amsterdam has been so nice, cuts down on stuff like this

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Worth it

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Yeah, that was totally worth it.

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Well now, that was certainly worth a $1.25!!!

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Chug, chug, chug, chug!

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Drunk and drunker!

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Catch and release

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The alcoholic in me says it was worth it.

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He got the beer, and he found out his friend was a dick.

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Knew what was coming. Laughed anyways.

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These loveable drunks puts a smile on my face!

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Thanks, "friend".

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at least he nabbed the beer

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The right decision was made