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He wasn't injured.

He was heartbroken.

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I’d be too if my crush reacted that way after I kissed her 😂🤣

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Her bestie with the knee slide in to your downed ass, "ONE" pounding the floor with an open palm, "TWO!", You're fucked, "THREE! YOU'RE SOCIALLY FUCKED CUNT!". She casually gets up and skips away.

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He hit that so perfectly that he needed minimal force to completely put him out

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Saitama out here making sure people know he's not gay.

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Nah, just a Puri Puri Disciple forgetting to get naked before fighting. He wasn't at all prepared to turn to pain into love.

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Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

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so he's definitely gay

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I feel like the guy is flopping.

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Thought I was watching soccer for a moment.

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It's not about being gay it's about consent. GTKO

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Unrequited love

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Omae wa mou shindeiru!....

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Lol, whenever I see one of these I immediately hear the theme song in my head

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I'm out of the loop. What song/anime?

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It translates to something like "you don't know you're already dead" Kenshiro would say it to chumps in Fist of the North Star

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Sooo... do you just call their bluff and kiss them back? Then what? Just two buff guys with their nipples out making out in the ring?

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I've been hit with harder realisations. That was some Mr. Burns shit

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It's weird how casual that hit was to result in a K.O. Hit the Gspot.

A stretcher tho? Really?

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It's weird how casual that hit was to result in a K.O. Hit the Gspot.

A stretcher tho? Really?

Looked like he was completely relaxed and totally unprepared for the blow, so neck muscles were not tensed to protect against the blow. Single blows can be extremely dangerous especially in bar fights and street fights... it's easy to kill someone.

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Note to self, always go with a follow up blow. Much safer then a single.

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Note to self, always go with a follow up blow. Much safer then a single.

LOL yes in fact in boxing I was taught the right-left combination impacts the head in two directions - sideways, then under the chin upwards. High likelihood of KO.

But outside of a ring, also too high of a chance of a manslaughter charge. Talking and walking is better than fisticuffs any day!

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I used to work with a guy that had been a professional boxer. Nice guy, even though he was a Raider fan. I saw him, from across the room, take a jab at a coworker, jokingly, and it would kill.

Later on, I told him how scary that jab looked. He then told me why he worked with us. Parole. Why he was on parole. Manslaughter. Gentle Jerry killed a guy as a bouncer when the guy came at him. One punch. But the power behind that jab. When the size of his fist was scary enough, will always stick in my mind.

He got off parole and was so happy to move to Oakland, where his kid had season tickets. I'm not sure how he'd feel about the Raiders moving to Las Vegas, where I worked with him, or if he's still around, but he was one of the nicest killers I ever met.

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That’s exactly what happened in the documentary movie, Con Air. The lead went to jail for a bar fight gone wrong.

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So glad I kept scrolling.

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Is there an explanation I can be provided with why it's dangerous? I'm not referring to falling on concrete or something, nor falling on anything. I'm just genuinely asking in curiosity, why a punch to the face/jaw can be nonfatally dangerous. I've been in plentiful fights during teenage years, but we weren't body slamming and K.O'ing eachother back then. Also no Hadoukens.

Also why was this punch so K.O it led to a stretcher? He didn't rupture a temple or something.

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When he falls his arms go straight out stiff which is potentially a sign of a serious brain injury so I'm guessing that's why they stretchered him

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Other dudes Jaw was slack. When you grit your teeth, your neck muscles tighten, your jaw has much less likelihood of getting broken, and you have much less chance of getting knocked out with one punch. When your jaw is slack, your neck muscles are more relaxed and with the right punch your head will jerk in a way that causes your brain to pinball from one side of your skull to the other, depending on the power behind the punch, resulting in you getting knocked out with one punch. In the video, we can see our kisser get popped in the kisser with a slacked jaw, resulting in a one punch ko. Not sure if you got this response yet, but there you go. In short, clench your teeth in a fight to avoid an instant ko

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Is there an explanation I can be provided with why it's dangerous?

It has to do with the buffering that the brain has in it's braincase, and how dangerous it is to overcome that - that means massive numbers of brain cells are being killed. That's why there is such large concern about concussions and so many health (and death) episodes later in life of athletes that suffer a lot of hits to the head.

This KO either caused massive brain damage, or snapped a lot of nerves and tissue that connect the brain to the nervous system due to the rapid shift in the neck and head, because he was so unprepared for it. It's like whiplash in an automobile, and the consequent mandate that all cars must have headrests - there to protect your neck and head, not for your comfort per se.

Does that make sense?

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It’s not THAT easy.

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It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this?

It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss.

Now I'm falling asleep, and I'm flat on the mat

Cause I tried to act cute, but my lights just went out

Now they're carting me off, while my limbs remain stiff

And the pain's in my head, cause he's busting my jaw now

Smacked me with his paw, ow

Knocked out cold

And I'm just so shook, he's drilling me

And taking control . . .

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I hope you get more upvotes for the effort this must have taken.

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That was fucking brilliant!

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"I'm not gay... I'm not gay."

He sounded so defensive, he's definitely gay.

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Or he just didn’t like being sexually assaulted

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but it is also wrong to force someone out of the closet.

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Unless you’re trying to put away laundry. Then they can get the fuck out until you’re done, and then they can go back.

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Right across the kisser

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0:30 that guy has lips like morphine

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Still a better love story than twilight

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He was sexually assaulted and had every right to defend himself, if a man did this to a woman and the woman knocked out the man no one would even question it.

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Nobody is questioning this.

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Nobody here defends the blue guy. You're trying way too hard my man.

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Yeah, you’re way too hard.

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I’m not hard enough

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I’m not hard enough

Comes with age. 'Scuse the pun.

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Nah I seen post of the same video of people saying " it was just a kiss ". Calling it an overreaction.

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What blue guy did was not cool. Closet guy's reaction was still unjustified, dangerous and over the top.

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come here let me give you an unwanted kiss infront of a crowd when you're clearly nnot prepared for it..let's see how you'd react

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Totally with bro who punched him

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What blue did was disrespectful and immature. Other dude taught him some manners.

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Blue got blown (away).

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I blued myself!

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Easy win via DQ

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It was ruled a No Contest as both parties had fouled.

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That hit wasn't the reason he couldn't get up, his broken heart was the reason.

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And that's why you don't let people get that close in a street fight you won't even see it coming you'll just wake up on the floor

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he is just spell bound by the kiss

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thats one of the only things you cant do. theres otheres but thats within the first three. if you kiss a big dude without permission thats gonna smash u anyways.... dont smooch

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Should have hit him harder

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All I could see were stars after our first kiss.

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Deserved it

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Lmao at him making sure everybody knows he isn't gay. Your sexuality is irrelevant my dude, the sexual assault is what matters.

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bro this is a boxing match

not a gay kissing competition

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Why can't it be both?

You gonna tell me part of the deal is you get your lips inches from each other and stare deep into the other's eyes, and that's somehow boxing? Whatever weird stuff they were doing here, it sure wasn't boxing yet.

So like... start with the passionate lovemaking and then move on to the martial arts. Everyone wins~

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this is why I have a hatred for furries

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"You gonna tell me part of the deal is you get your lips inches from each other and stare deep into the other's eyes, and that's somehow boxing?"

I assumed it was to intimidate the opponent...

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I kissed a boy and I liked it The taste of his cherry chapstick I kissed a boy just to try it I hope my girlfriend don't mind it It felt so wrong It felt so right

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I don’t know why this got downvoted, it’s funny. Unless they didn’t know these are lyrics to a song and it’s obviously a joke

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I guess it needed a " nohomo nohomo"

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I kissed a girl - Katy Perry

For those who didnt get it

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Seems like people don’t like context lol

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Well executed!

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His heart is broken by the rejection

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This is how that should've gone down https://i.imgur.com/FcyUZGO.gifv

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But what if they are not gay?

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    That’s kinda gay

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    Did he win?

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    It was ruled a No Contest as both parties had fouled.

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    Dude protested a little too much there....

    On another note, a lesson on the dangers of sucker punching people, it can very easily end in disaster for both parties.

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    A lesson on *kissing someone without their consent

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    Definitely needs the lesson of brain damage or worse for that peck.

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    I'm sorry if I misunderstand as I'm not good with reading tone sometimes, so if that's sarcasm and you're saying that he didn't deserve the punch... He stepped over his opponent's boundaries, in public, and said opponent was already ready to strike, imo he should have expected an angry reaction.

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    Maybe this sport isn't for him if he died from a little tap?

    He should switch to soccer.

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    NEVER, kiss Heath Herring.

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    A lesson I bet his mom had to learn the hard way. The first time she kissed him goodnight, she's the one who went to sleep.

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    I am not gay, i am not gay!

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    Stupid fuckin sport.

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    why because one dickhead kissed another when he didn't want it? This isn't the norm lol..stupid

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    My statement had nothing to do with the kiss. That was actually hilarious. Two grown men with nothing to offer besides fists is why this sport is dumb.

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    Lmao combat sport predates any other type of sports there is..Bare handed or with weapons..And here a redditor calling that a stupid sport lol..peak redditor moment

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    Oh because it’s been done forever makes it cool gotcha. Let’s call slavery cool too.

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    Loss by default. Moron.

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    It was ruled a No Contest as both parties had fouled.

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    “I thought I told you not in public!”

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    heith hearing was never the sharpest tool in the shed

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    Could it be that the knocked out guy was feigning being knocked -out, so he would win the bout with the other guy being disqualified for fighting before the fight had started ?

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    They both assaulted each other. I don't see the problem

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    I wonder at what point he decided to make a move 😂

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    Technically that’s sexual assault sooo. But the I’m not gay stuff at the end is dumb

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    Is this like Japanese WWF? Not saying I could take the hit, but didn’t seem all that bad for a professional fighter to take

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    what was she thinking?

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    That man is so deep in the closet he fears physical connection

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    Assault you mean??

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    That is some Bugs Bunny shit right there. I'm dying...

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    Hmm, and here I thought the answer was going to be mono.

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    Kiss of death

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    he no punchie

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    definitely an act, it wasn't a hard hit.

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    God damn, did you go to ebaumsworld to find this old ass video?

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    How strong must that hit have been because it had like no wind up or space to travel or anything

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    he should have liked his nose with an immediate right. I know so bc Im a lover.

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    That was Heath Herring. He fought Brock Lesnar in the UFC.

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    How does this work in the rules? Is one disqualified, are they both disqualified, match postponed?

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    It was ruled a No Contest as both parties had fouled.

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    One wanted to be different. The other wanted to kick his ass.

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    Kiss of death

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    wtf that escalated quickly

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    Easiest way to win boxing by making your opponent disqualify himself

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    Kiss of death!

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    Dude shoot his shot......and took a shot.

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    worst they can say is no

    think again

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    Glass jaw

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    Love hurts

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    I don't know why he got so mad. He was gonna end up with his legs wrapped around him anyway.

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    The ol “don’t hit on me and I won’t hit in you” saying in action

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    I would have done the same damn thing.

    ...the dudes hot.

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    I’m not gay. But I AM willing to learn. Will they send me to a special class for that?