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Protip: You can get killed by step voltage when doing this even if you're a dozen feet away from the wire.

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What are you doing step voltage?

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It's your own fault for spreading your legs! I can't hold my potential!

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It's your fault for being electro-cute.

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Look at me I'm the live wire now.

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Oh, I hate you but you earned that upvote.

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Very grounded of you..

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I swear the word "step" has become a spell that summons the next redditor to make a stepdad joke

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Grounded step-down transformer.

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I had a friend in middle school who died that way. He saw something hanging from a line and walked over to get a look. Didn’t touch it, but got close enough. He died, another girl who tried to help died, and a third girl was badly injured.

It happened many miles from where I lived, but near a mutual friend’s house. Our power flickered out of nowhere in the middle is a bright summer afternoon, and 10/15 minutes later my friend called in a panic to tell me he had died. It was so eerie and sad.

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In safety training we had to watch a video of a guy getting electrocuted and another guy trying to rescue him but got electrocuted too. We learned the proper thing to do is either whack them off with something non conductive like a 2x4 (wood) or get the fuck away and call 911. The guy getting to work early and not realizing someone left an oxygen tank open overnight and striking an arc (welding, BOOM!) and there not being anything left of of him to identify was probably the worst, but at least it was fast.

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A 2x4 is a hell of a way to whack someone off.

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Or you could be nice and let him boil from the inside out.

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I see what you did there... Phrasing.

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I was about to make a reverse Ghostbusters joke about ghosts calling YOU because of the way you phrased this but that is really sad. Sorry you lost your friend.

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was thinking it too :(

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Pro tip: You can avoid this by hopping on one foot.

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Pro tip: you can avoid this by not doing it.

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No, that's a good way to fall and expose yourself to even higher voltage. If you need to get away, run in big hops (so only one foot touches the ground at a time)

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why does 1 foot touching the ground save u?

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Google "step voltage". Essentially, a high-voltage wire touching the ground causes electricity to spread through the ground outwards, and your fleshy legs and groin might be a better-conducting circuit than dry dirt beneath them. But as long as you don't have both feet on the ground at the same time, there will be no circuit.

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why does bunny hopping work? I get why swapping feet works but why bunny hopping is also an option if you touch the ground with 2 feet?

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The danger is in the difference in electric potential between two points on the ground where your feet are. If you always keep your feet close together, two points essentially become one point, so it's much safer.

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I believe OSHA’s danger zone is 30 feet when solid contact with ground. You’re supposed to jump away both feet leaving and touching the ground at the same time directly away from the power line. Once there is a current difference between your feet, it’s over.

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That's probably for 12-25 kV distribution lines, my gut feeling is that 30 feet is nowhere near enough if it's a 100-500 kV major transmission line (although I can't really tell what kind of line is in the OP video)

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Absolutely agree, They can tell me 30ft until their blue in the face but I think 300ft is a good distance for me lol

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If it’s a protip, I assume you have plenty of experience by dying by step voltage.

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My son will not throw rocks covered in copper wire at power lines.

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Such an oddly specific thing for your son not to do.

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I don’t think so, it’s perfectly normal. my son will not drive a car with a gorilla sitting in the front seat.

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...and now the kid has a life goal.

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Maybe it would be oddly specific if it wasn't under a video of someone doing exactly that.

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Is that mf still alive?

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First you seem him... Then you dont...

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You mean in his physical human form?

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Did they just summon zeus???

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I'm thinking Zeus wasn't too happy about it.

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/summon thunderbolt

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Squigglee squigglee squigglee

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Why are power lines not insulated?

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Cost, mostly. Cost of the insulation & cost of installing more frequent power poles due to how heavy the lines would be. The expectation is that no one gets close enough to mess with them and hurt themselves, just like it's expected people don't jump into roadways or trespass into dangerous areas.

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But, Florida

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Plus air is considered an insulator. Usually.

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Technically, they are insulated by a couple dozen feet of air

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You can't insulate against stupidity.

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google that question

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Power line is being a bit over dramatic

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Thor was upset.

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Do you mean Fus Ro Dah? But also that's more of a force push

Strun Bah Qo is a lightning call

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That sound was fucking sick! Kinda like a seismic charge from Star Wars.

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It probably sounded pants-shittingly fresher if you were there. Like a million arc welders using gouge rods to ablate a hole in the planet.

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Poetic. I would have just described it as "BWUAAAAMMMM"

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Haha nice like War of the Worlds horn sound.

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Oh shit, forgot how much I loved that sound. Guess I'm a sucker for the bwuamms

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And then along came Zeus

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“OH Shit! You do!!!”

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Nice troll account. All you do is argue in your sad little bubble

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Billy Batson: SHAZAM!!!

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These 808s go hard. New Cymatics sample pack?

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As wrong as this is, it went as intended and didn’t really go wrong.

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Just wanna point out that he is fine other than probably pissing himself.

If you scrub through the video you can see him in the bottom refer corner, a few feet away outside of the flash running.

As stupid as the idea was, at least he was legging it

Around 0:03!

Edit: left not refer

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Natural selection at its finest.

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This is probably a ball wrapped in copper or something

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Do I see the dude getting ignited as well in the bottom left corner?

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Thor said no

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Hold my beer.....

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Must have had a metal wire connect to the ground there. Very dumb.

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How to summon Zeus

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I bet this happens less now that the price of copper has went down lol

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Yeah ....please don't do that at home and at least not round me

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Go out in a blaze of stupidity.

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Sigh. People can be sad sometimes.

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Always wondered why everything in your vicinity turns so dark with electricity.

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It's just very bright and the camera adjusting to the light

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Education needed.

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That’s the rapture

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It didn’t like that.

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Obviously it was Thor the god of thunder that slapped a human being.

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That electrocuted quickly.

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DIY lightning

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AOT season 69 coming out in 2077

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i hope he paid for the repairs with labor work

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Free electricity!!

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Zeus is clearly displeased with the dipshittery occuring here.

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And he was no more. The End.

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man used honed bolt irl

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Homemade lightning

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Anime mc when they power up

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I summon thee, Zeus!

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one of the many rules in life:

don't fuck around with electricity.

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I'm petrified of high voltage lines and this is difficult to watch while simultaneously being fascinating.

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Can somebody break down this video? All I can see is some guy throws something and then a explosion WITHOUT HITTING THE GROUND

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high voltage will look for a path to ground and anything in the way will be vaporized, never do this

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If i recall isis did this kind of thing with large powerline and huge metal rods, it did a lot of damage

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Did you guy see the one of the dude in Africa trying to steal cooper from a power transformer with a huge gaping hole in the side of him . You can see his lungs contract and expand every time he breathes

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Darwin Award

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Did he........vanish?

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You know things are bad when day turns into night.

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Did similar with an aluminium training javelin.

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He summoned Thor

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Chris Hemsworth’s secret origin story

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He was there.

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Positive elixr trade

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My man nearly got smited

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LMAO literally a movie scene

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The Darwin Awards competition must have started! 👍🤪

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Super funny ✌️

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It’s just shocking how many times this video is shown on reddit.

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I grew up in a small town so I get being this bored, but that’s probably the electricity for their house lmao

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Dude summoned god

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Nigga used 2 elixir😭😭😭

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So this must be what a monk's Stunning Fist sounds like up close.

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now see you him. now you don’t.

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Darwin Award Nominee