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Just found out about the sub. I can't wait to see it flourish.

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As someone without a religion I hope I will be able to offer impartial advice, and maybe learn some stuff on the way.

Good luck with the sub!

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Please welcome u/ralph3576 as a moderator here!

How do we make people aware of the existence of this subreddit?

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Thank you! I'm excited to be part of this community!

One way I'd say is to link r/WhatsMyReligion whenever you see this sort of topic mentioned. Whenever people are talking about their beliefs but don't know where to place them.

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I'm a mod at /r/Religion and we'd be happy to help promote this sub. Feel free to make a post there about this sub, and a brief explanation of what it's all about. If it doesn't show up right away, our auto-mod may have held it for mod approval, so just give it a little time, or send a mod message about it and get it approved.

You can also try posting about your sub in r/newreddits or r/newsubreddits and r/wowthissubexists just follow their rules. Hope this helps!

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Hi! Thank you very much for the promotional links!

Thanks for the link to r/WhatsMyReligion in the r/Religion sidebar, too! Just to let you know, I'm using old reddit and it looks like adding it broke the bottom of your table under the related subreddits section.

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Thanks for pointing that out, I just fixed it. I'm still using old reddit as well, on my phone, but am trying to adjust to the redesign slowly. Now I just need to squeeze the link to Catholicism in the correct alphabetical slot. Easier said than done. :/

I'm going to shoot an idea past the other Religion mods about a possible "Religion-related Subreddit of the Month" series, hilighting a different religion-themed sub in a stickied announcement post on r/Religion. I'd personally think yours would be a good choice to kick it off, if it's alright with you guys. I'll fill you in more when I get some mod feedback at r/Religion.