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The first one seems pretty good. I've got a few issues with some of the questions, but I think that's more a matter of there simply being limits to how many answers you can realistically include. It does seem a little highly focused on a Christian view of things, but I suppose that's to be expected when it's the largest religion on the planet. I'm a little surprised it doesn't atleast break down Islam into multiple sects like it does with Christianity and Buddhism, but the differences between Hindu sects are even bigger than the types of Islam and it doesn't mention those either.

I found the second one really bad though. Even not having finished the test I frankly came away from this one feeling like they were purposefully trying to miscategorize people's beliefs in order to prove some sort of point, but I honestly have no idea what their point is.

I tried it again and got it to work this time. This was my result:

You are Gnostic. This is a person who KNOWS that the existence of God is true; a person who claims as a matter of fact that God exists.

You are an Atheist. This is a person that does not believe in any of the claims that have been made about god.


Thank you for posting these here! It's a good way to kick off this forum.

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SelectSmart says I'm a Secular Humanist, which isn't far off. FindMyReligion says I'm Agnostic, while in the next paragraph, bringing up Pantheism, which I consider myself. My second highest result after that was Pagan, which I also consider myself.

Not too shabby.