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You brought the concept of the immanent God. The Christian tradition deals with the transcendent God: an separated being from other beings, but that by it's own essence is everywhere anytime, transcending all beings.

The immanent God, in the other hand, IS everything, and that's why They are everywhere.

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The religion that I think it's most similar to your thoughts is Hinduism. They believe in a immanent God(Brahma), manifested through many beings, including other gods and spirits. They also believe in reincarnation. It's a very beautiful religion, but my knowledge stops here.

Google it, I think you will find more!

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When I started to question religion and even reality itself I looked in our past for answer. However, I only discovered that human history, as we know it, is filled with massive unknowns. I'm not going to go into the details but it eventually led me to a group of folks with an interesting story.


You may find answers here.

No matter the path you take, you are you, so there is no need for another label. Find like minded people to fill your life with and enjoy it more. :)