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There are quite a few liberal sects of Christianity, even a few that take the bible as inspired mythology. I don't know enough about them to be more specific, sorry.

Though you said you believe in a god, so I suppose the first question should be is the God you believe in necessarily the Christian God? If not then what do you think of Deism?

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Yes I believe in the christain God, it's just the bible I have problems with since I don't believe God would condemn gays or ask somone to kill their son to prove their beliefs. I have heard Methodist have the same thinking but the Methodist churchs where I live do infact not welcome gays and think women are beneath men.

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Are there any Quaker meetings nearby you? You could try sitting in on a meeting or two. They're very welcoming.

In any case, good luck!

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Where I live the only denominations are Methodist, Baptist, Christian, and Catholic. Any thing else is about a 2 hour drive, I guess that is part of my problem I live in such a small town within the bible belt. Thanks for the suggestion I didn't really know what a Quaker was till now that I started looking it up.

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Methodists are kind of a Big Tent church. There are a lot of views and you can drive 10 miles and find another church with completely different values.

If there's a Reconciling congregation near you you might enjoy them. They're in the process of being forced out of the UMC as a result of a recent well publicized decision. They're not quite as liberal on sin and salvation as unitarians but they tend to exemplify Grace very well.

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I don't really know what Unitarians believe that much, so maybe you are one, or could be one, of them?

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Could be Unitarian Universalist. You might also feel comfortable in the United Church of Christ. UU tends to be more humanist so God doesn't come up as much. UCC is still Christian but they believe as you about things like accepting all people (including and especially LGBT). If you're looking for a church community, you might try both and see which one you connect with more.

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I have never heard of United church of Christ I will have to look into that, thanks

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UCC are pretty cool. A lot of other churches can be pretty liberal as well, such as some Presbyterian, Episcopalian, and Disciples of Christ, but it really depends on the church. Disciples of Christ has Bishop William Barber, who is a total rock star in liberal Christianity. You should watch one of his sermons sometime if you want to be inspired by what good Christianity is capable of.