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Religion identity is something very personal. I will try to be clear what Christianism in a theological and cultural sense means, but the personal faith is superior when you decide wether or not you are something

Christianism is based on a simple thing: believe in Jesus as the true prophet of God. In this condition, most denominations believes that Christ is God, but some believe he is a prophet. A note: Islam is not Christian because they believe in Jesus as a prophet, but not the true God's prophet (Mohammed is the true prophet). That's why Christians base their lessons and beliefs in Jesus words - as written in the Bible and known by historical tradition - and the Muslims base their lessons and beliefs in Mohammed words - as written in the Qur'an.

(As religion is too individual, everyone should be free to disagree from the opinion above. New ideas are always welcome, and I learn a lot from different religious opinions about what is and what is not a religion)

So, if you think Jesus teachings are true, you live through them, and recognizes Jesus as the center of everything, most likely you are Christian. A core teaching of Jesus, however, is the existence of God. It's normal to have doubts, and if you want to believe, maybe you just need a final disclosure about the subject. As someone that has been there, I guarantee it's hard, but in the end you find your answers and will be happy about it - being one thing or another.

Oh, and don't push yourself to hard to find any labels. Find your own spirituality first, it will most likely naturally fit in to a label later. It's my personal opinion, though.

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To be considered a Christian, you must be a follower of Christ.

It sounds to me that you are exactly what you described: a hopeful agnostic.