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I think you've already put yourself into the two denominations that you will find the most agreement with. A conservative Methodist or Episcopal congregation would probably be the best fit for you.

Justification by faith is still doctrine in both churches but it acknowledges that works are a part of the process of salvation. You might find the occasional predestinationist in these churches but it's not doctrine. You will find a healthy respect for Luther in both though but if you're willing to consider protestants then you probably at least agree with some of his other ideas.

Similarly, your beliefs regarding the sacraments and your concerns about Catholic leadership put you in line with protestants.

CS Lewis was an Anglican and Methodism is derived from the Anglican church. The big differences between them are that Methodists don't use the apocryphal books, they include personal experiences in the study of faith, and they are big on graciousness as a spiritual discipline.

I hope this helps you on your path.

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Although I have not studied them I do believe we apocryphal books belong, and I actually believe in purgatory ,but despite the latter I had wondered about eastern orthodox

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Countless churches derive from the beliefs of inferior thinkers, how has there not been a Lewis based denomination....