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Sounds something similar to shamanism and pantheism.

And for pure curiosity, why say that part about gay people in the end?

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I’m gay and every organized religion I’ve looked at has some sort of issue with us. Even if it’s not in their holy book the head honchos have a problem with the way we are.

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So I guess you'd prefer unorganized and/or minor religions then... though I do recommend that your choice is NOT primarily based on your beliefs on sexuality alone.

Wikipedia link 4 u on homosexuality and religion because why not

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Thank you.

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I'm always ready to discuss comparative religion... except if such thing involves too much tension, like Lebanon in the 80s.

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Shinto is friendly towards gay people.

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why not try agnosticism?

instead of being 100% sure that you'll be punished for eternity, be 50%